Getting Engaged: 7 Signs He's About to Propose

Has your other half been acting strangely? Taking an interest in your jewellery? Then chances are you are about to get engaged!


Is your other half starting to act a little strange? So many brides we speak to tell us they didn’t know exactly when their partner was going to propose but they had an inkling that something was going on. So if you are starting to feel a little suspicious that a proposal is on its way then you could be right, take a look at some of the signs right here.

He’s Taken a Sudden Interest in Your Jewellery Taste

After years of not even knowing the difference between yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, all of a sudden your partner is taking an interest in the type of jewellery you wear and maybe even asking you questions like what metal do you wear the most…suspicious!


He’s Taking Notice of the Rings You Wear

He might be taking an even more special interest in what rings you wear and what size they are. Our editor Caroline talks about when her husband first started to take an interest in her jewellery.

“I think it was about six months before we got engaged that I began to notice my then-boyfriend pay particular interest in my ring size. I always wore a ring on the fourth finger of my right hand that my mum bought for me for graduation, he took it off my finger then held it up and in his most casual voice just said ‘What size is this?’. Frustratingly for him I actually had no idea!”


Mutual Friends Start Asking You About Your Jewellery Tastes

If you have a close mutual friend that has never once asked you about jewellery and all of a sudden they start to ask you what kind of ring you like then alarm bells should ring! Most guys will know that it would seem strange to start asking about your ring tastes and they often ask a close female friend to go on a covert mission.


He's Super Enthusiastic When You Attend a Wedding Together

There comes a time in your life when it starts to feel every weekend you have a wedding to attend. If you start to notice your partner really getting into the wedding spirit and giving his opinion on the day, what he likes and what he doesn’t like, then it’s pretty likely marriage is on his mind.


He’s Been to Visit Your Family Without You

If a proposal is really close then you might find your other half is going to visit your family more – if he suggests a day out to bond with your dad then chances are he could be asking for your hand in marriage!


He’s Booked a Special Trip Away or Something Special for Your Anniversary

According to our 21st Century Bride Survey 2016 – 32% of engagements happen on your anniversary and 8% happen on a special trip away. If you are headed on a special weekend away to celebrate your anniversary perhaps have a manicure before you go just in case you need to take the perfect engagement selfie.


It’s Your Four Year Anniversary

Another finding from our 21st Century Bride survey - the average length of relationship before getting engaged is four years, so if you are near that milestone… #justsaying


If all this proposal talk has got you in the mood for romance then don’t miss our 100 best proposal stories or read up on how to get your other half to propose…


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