Romantic Date Ideas For Newlyweds: 23 Unique Plans

After all the fun of planning the wedding is over it's important to keep the romance alive and these date ideas are the perfect way to do so


Keeping the romance alive after you and your partner tie the knot is the key to a healthy and happy marriage.

After the stressful and time-consuming process of planning a wedding is over, it gives you and your other half plenty of time to indulge in as many date nights and romantic getaways as your heart’s desire.

Keeping the romance alive and appreciating date nights is something that every newlywed needs to know

Wine Tasting

For couples who appreciate fine wine and want to learn more, a day spent wine tasting could be a perfect date for you. Whether it’s a Château La Serre from Bordeaux or a Colomé Estate Malbec from Salta, M Victoria in London lets you try them all. To top the wine tasting experience off, you also get tapas for two to enjoy at this exclusive restaurant – what more could you possibly ask for?

wine tasting offer

Romantic Walks

As simple as it may sound, sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that couples can enjoy the most. Go for a late night walk in your favourite place, take a bottle of your best wine and some plastic glasses for the journey and simply enjoy each other’s company. Good company, good drinks and a good surrounding is all it takes to have the most tranquil and intimate date.

Rooftop Cinema

Getting to watch your favourite film, in amazing company, whilst eating popcorn and other sweet delights? Sounds good, but what if you could do it on one of London’s famous rooftop scenes? Rooftop Film Club offer this exact experience with locations in Peckham, Stratford, Shoreditch, Shadwell and Kensington where you can enjoy screenings of a number of classic movies from the likes of Pulp Fiction to fun flicks like The Jungle Book.

rooftop cinema

Reminisce the Wedding

This may sound silly, and simple, but spending an evening with a bottle (or two) of wine, and going through your wedding photo album, reminiscing the most perfect day of your lives, can make for the perfect date night. Take some time to read through your guest book and remember all of the well-wishes your friends and family wrote to you on that special day.

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Cooking Lessons

Foodie couples will love this idea. If you and your beau enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen and trying new recipes, why not extend your love for food and get couples cooking lessons? Jenius Social offer 'Fine Dining Cookery Classes' which you and your partner could use to learn some new skills in the kitchen - perfect for your next date night-in. Lots of people enjoy this as a group activity but here at hitched we think cooking as a couple is much more intimate and after all, too many cooks can spoil the broth!

couples cooking lessons date night ideas

Clay Pigeon Shooting

This may not come across as the most stereotypical type of date, but what’s wrong with trying something new? Couples who love the country way of life can embrace one if Britain’s oldest pass-times in 3,000 acres of unspoiled Surrey heath and woodland. The Royal Rounds offer this amazing couples experience in the Bisley Shooting Ground. 

Champagne Picnic

When the summer months dawn on you and you’re looking for romantic ways to entertain yourselves, having a champagne picnic can be the answer to all of your problems. We love this date idea because couples can make it as simple or as extravagant as they like. You could tone it down with some Prosecco and a home-made picnic filled with all of your favourite snacks, or go all out and put together a posh picnic using this picnic hamper fulled with Pol Roger NV Brut Champagne!

champagen picnic hamper

Relive the Romance

One of our favourite ways for newlyweds to spend their date nights is by reliving the romance and revisiting the place you first met or where you had your first ever date. It is the perfect way to relight that spark that you first ever felt for one another. This will bring back so many happy memories and allow you to spend a whole night revisiting the places where it all began and looking back from then to where you are now will be so romantic.

Get Dressed Up for Dinner

As much as nights in are fun, we love the idea of getting super dressed up and going for a seriously fancy meal for absolutely no reason. Why should it have to be a birthday or anniversary for you to get dolled up and eat like royalty? The answer is... It doesn’t - and we advise you to do it as much as you can. You’ll feel amazing, look amazing and so will your partner.

Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate is the way to most people’s hearts and having a 90-minute master class and tasting for two could quite possibly be the perfect date choice, for us anyway. Crazy for Cacao offer this service which also includes a lesson on topics including the origin, terroir and processing of the chocolate and ends with you being able to take home a bag of goodies to remember the day by.

chocolate tasting

New Cuisine

When you get to the stage of marriage, it is very likely that as a couple, you have your go-to cuisine and know exactly what you like and don’t like, but very few couples would have tried everything. If you feel like expanding your palette, book into a restaurant which serves food neither of you have ever tried and be experimental. Even if you end up hating the food, at least you hated it together. (Cute!)

Mini-moon Getaway

Date nights can easily turn into date weekends if you really want to rack up the romance. Having a short break to locations like one4two in Cornwall are ideal for bank holiday weekends or just for couples who love short breaks and a bit of tranquillity. At this venue you can choose from themed suites; Morpheus, Lindos and Marrakech. Each one has its own décor theme and stunning surroundings. There are a variety of different packages you can purchase including features like having champagne, roses on the bed and massage oils and luxury candles being provided. Now that's romance!

mini-moon getaway

Train Hopping

This works especially well if you live in a city… Get yourself two tickets which allow you a day’s worth of travel anywhere and hop trains until you get to a destination you like. You can turn it into a game and each choose a number of stops to stay on a particular train for. It’s a great way to discover new places and things to see and do without having to plan it. Couples who love adventure and surprises will love this idea and could even take it up as a hobby for a once-a-month day out.

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Come Dine With Me

Don’t worry, we aren’t advising you to enter the actual show (not that there’s anything wrong with that) - just saying! What we’re suggesting is much more sentimental. You and your partner know each other better than anyone else so spend the day making a starter, main and dessert for the other person and then enjoy a three-course meal with a difference. It’s a way of treating each other to your favourite meals and a with a few candles and some soothing music, you have yourself the perfect date.

Have Tea as Royalty

Want to embrace your patriotic side and lunch like the Royal Family? Truly Experiences offer an exclusive opportunity to have an amazing tour of Buckingham Palace itself and then enjoy a post afternoon tea for two. If this doesn’t make you feel like the two most important humans on the planet, we really don’t know what will.

buckingham palace


Living the newly-wed bliss is such an amazing feeling of happiness and who better to share it with than other couples who are feeling the same. Most couples who get married usually have lots of other couple friends who would love to join up and date together. Double dates are always fun because you get to hang out with the love of your life, and your friends all at the same time and sometimes it’s nice to share these experiences.

Plan Your Dream Holiday

If you didn’t get to go on your dream honeymoon or you did and just fancy another holiday, get the laptop and iPads out, get into bed with some snacks and start planning your dream holiday. A whole night dedicated to your ideal getaway will bring you closer together as a couple and what’s more exciting than planning a holiday?

plan your dream holiday

Local Hotel

We’re not talking about a fancy hotel up town with this one, no… Book a hotel room for a night which is just local to you. This date night isn’t about the expense; it’s about having a change of scenery to add some excitement to your brand new marriage. Sometimes just the feeling of going somewhere different to your own house can feel so exciting. All it takes is some room service and each other’s company to create the perfect evening for a newlywed couple.

Hit the Town

Fun-loving couples don’t have to put their partying days behind them just because they’re married! Get your glam rags on and hit the town together. Having some seriously strong drinks and dancing into the night may be exactly your idea of a perfect date night and we’re all for it.

Movie Night

The Proposers offer a fantastic product in the form of a personalised romantic movie night for two which includes, two popcorn boxes, a DVD case, an oversized ticket – all personalised, and a clapper board, gourmet popcorn and props. It’s the perfect way to have a normal movie night with a personalised twist.

movie night for two

Make a Bucket List

Getting married means the start of a new era for you and your partner and spending a date evening making a marriage bucket list could be a really special activity. You could split the bucket list into sections of things you want to do by: your 1st, 5th, 10th anniversary and so on. You can re-open the list on each anniversary and cross off the things you’ve done and keep adding to it so your marriage becomes a never-ending adventure.

Be a Tourist

Being a tourist in your own home town may sound silly to you, but you would be surprised how many things go on in your own environment that you have no idea about. Do some research and plan a fun-filled day educating yourself and seeing all the sights that there are to see in the place you call home. It will be fun, we promise!

Recreate the Resturant

Nights in cooking dinner are some of the most memorable for so many couples, as we all know it’s the little things that we always remember. Another perfect way to spend a night in is to pick your go-to restaurant (we all have one) and recreate your favourite meals from the menu. We couldn’t think if anything better than enjoying your favourite foods in the comfort of your own marital home. 

dinner table set

One thing that will keep all of your dates interesting is discussing all of the insanely annoying things people say to newlyweds - be prepared for the worst!


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