Creative Wedding Announcements: 9 Ways to Break the Exciting News

Tell everyone about your engagement with one of these unique ideas.


So, you've had the amazing proposal and it’s time to share the news with your friends and family. You’ll probably want to shout it from the rooftops, change your Facebook relationship status and whatsapp all your friends ASAP. These are all valid ways of letting the world know you’re engaged, but how about going for something a bit different? We take a look at some of the more creative ways you could break the news! 

Newspaper Announcements 

It’s an easy and quick option to grab for your mobile phone to text, email or tweet the big news but modern couples are bucking the trend and going old school with a newspaper announcement.

This is the way Tom Daley announced his engagement to boyfriend Dustin Lance Black last year. He shared an Instagram picture of their engagement rings resting on top of the announcement along with the caption ‘#hesaidyes and then #isaidyes Thanks for all the lovely messages'.

Tom Daley Engagement Announcement

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Benedict Cumberbatch also went for this time-honoured tradition when he proposed to Sophie Hunter. The announcement read:

The engagement is announced between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch of London, and Sophie, daughter of Kathrine Hunter of Edinburgh and Charles Hunter of London. Benedict and Sophie had a Valentines wedding day in February this year.

If you love this classic idea, you could get your own announcement in The Times for £270 plus VAT.

Make a Video 

How about creating a fun video? You don’t need to be an experienced film maker to make a short film. There are lots of apps around that allow you to make nifty videos on your smart phone, GoFilm is a great free app and has a number of templates to help get you started. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and share the link through social media and by email. It may even end up going viral. 

This couple recorded a video of them around their home town of Edinburgh. The video sees them collect letters from various locations, which eventually spell out ‘That’s right we are engaged’ 

You could create your own music video like these two Frozen fans. After 23 years together American couple Roman Martinez and Andrew W. Foster celebrated the legalisation of marriage with this fantastic announcement. Andrew said "Roman and I love to sing… We've always wanted to do some sort of video karaoke song as an announcement."

If you love Disney think about incorporating a Disney wedding song into your wedding day. 

Wear Your Announcement 

Surprise your friends and family by wearing your news! There are plenty of different T-shirts available on Etsy, including matching his and hers but our favourite is this black and gold fiancee jumper. Wear for a picture to be posted on social media or just rock up wearing it under your coat before making the big reveal!

Fiancee Jumper

Engagement Mug

A great idea for tea lovers! These mugs are from the T Bird and cost £7.50. Take a picture of yourself drinking out of them or bring them out for the tea round when you have friends over.

Engagement Mugs the T Bird

Send a Card 

Another option for couples who don’t want to make a digital announcement is sending a card in the post to all the important people in your life! Rachel Rhiannon Designs' ‘He liked it so put some bling on it’ cards are perfect for Beyoncé fans or make them work for the news with scratch card announcement cards from Lou Brown Designs

Bling Engagement Announcement Card

Scratch Engagement Card

Get the Little Ones to Help

If you and your partner are parents, it's a lovely idea to get your children involved in the announcement. Put your baby in this super sweet bodysuit from Dinky Dreamcloud.

Baby Bodysuit Engagement Announcement

Enlist the Help of Your Pets 

We all know that pictures of cute animals get far more attention on social media than humans – even if you are sporting a brand new rock/fiancé. These couple got their dog and pig involved in the photoshoot and we think it is adorable! 

If you are an animal-lover, you'll love our article on animals at weddingspig and dog engagement announcement

Image credit: imgur/Zsm3

Incorporate Your Hobbies 

We love this fun picture that Dr Who fans Rebecca and Omar created to announce their engagement. Rebecca has been a Dr Who fan since childhood and introduced it to Omar early into their relationship – and luckily he loved it too. She explains how they came up with the idea:

“We decided we wanted to come up with a really epic way to announce the proposal on social media. We thought of a lot of options but wanted it to be something really different and something uniquely "us". Dr Who seemed like a perfect way, we had the lego figures at home (so we literally had to wait 24 hours before posting anything about it) once we got home we set up a scene with Rory proposing to Amy with my actual ring and Matt Smith peeking out of the Tardis behind. We thought it was a really fun way to announce it and it was free since I took the photo myself!"

Rebecca went on to say "If I could offer advice to anyone thinking of how to create a social media proposal announcement - try to make it something original and something unique to you and/or your relationship. All our friends knew right away about the Dr Who reference because it was so "us" and it made it even more fun.”

Dr Who Engagement Announcement

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Airplane Banner 

If you want to go really big with your news, impress your friends by hiring your very own airplane to send a message through the sky. Air Ads UK prices start from £595 and they will circle the sky in a specific area with a message of your choice! 

Airplane Banner Announcement

However you decide to share the news, enjoy the moment! Now that the announcement is out of the way, it’s time to get planning for the big day. Use our wedding planner to help get your planning started! 


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