Creative Engagement Announcements: 13 Ways to Break the News

Getting engaged is incredibly exciting, so find an exciting way to announce it too! We reveal the most creative engagement announcements


You’ve just about stopped your flow of happy tears following your amazing proposal, so it’s time to share the news with your family and friends.


You’ll probably want to shout it from the rooftops, update your Facebook status and WhatsApp just about anyone who will listen. It’s one of the most exciting times of your life, after all!

Of course, these are all valid ways of announcing your wonderful news, but how about going for something a little bit different for your engagement announcement? We’ve pulled together some of the cutest, funniest and most creative ways to break your engagement news.

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Say It With a Selfie


Instagram: @louise.thompson

You only need to look at Made in Chelsea pair Louise and Ryan to see how utterly in love they are with each other, and how excited they are to be engaged. How cute!

Keep it simple and pose for a loved up selfie for your engagement announcement. You’ll be raking in the likes.

The Star of the Show


Instagram: @savanna_stevens

A great way to announce your engagement is to show off the star of the show: your glistening new engagement ring!

This option is a bit of a life saver if your eyes are feeling puffy after all the tears of joy, since only your hand will need to feature in the snap!


Instagram: @madeline_rose4

Follow in this bride-to-be’s footsteps and take a picture of your ring bearing hand, particularly if you can do it against an equally beautiful backdrop. Oh, and if you’re planning on making your announcement like this, be sure to get a manicure – you want your nails looking engagement-ring-worthy!

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One Proud Pup


Instagram: @sycamorehill

It is one thing getting your pets in on your engagement selfie, but getting your pets involved in the actual proposal is a whole new ball game.

It will leave you with a snap that is just screaming to be ‘grammed, and will be the perfect way to announce your big news. We love this pic, where one future bride had her dog propose to her girlfriend. The collar tag said: “Mom, will you marry my other mom?”, and the ‘other mom’ said yes!

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That Moment, Captured


Instagram: @sophia_fuentes

If your proposal is set to be pretty spectacular, why don’t you make sure you’re set up to get a shot of the special moment whilst it happens?


Instagram: @inthefrow

This Insta-famous couple got engaged in front of the Vancouver skyline, and had a camera set up to capture the second he popped the question. If that doesn’t make an impressive shot, we’re not sure what would!

The Whole Gang


Instagram: @elamkin87

Not all engagements are just between two people, so if you want to make your family part of the engagement, why not include them in your engagement announcement?

Our friends over in the US are especially good at this. Would you look at this adorable picture! That is what you call a family portrait.

Just Our Cup of Tea


Show off your ring and your exciting news with this fabulous ‘he put a ring on it’ mug. It’s a simple design and perfect for couples who don’t want to share too much information about the proposal.


Instagram: @goldalamode 

Alternatively, take a picture of your takeaway coffee cups. Ask the barristers to write something a little different to what they usually would, such as Future Mr/Mrs, and take a quick snap of your warming winter drinks.

This is a lovely, festive idea if you get engaged in the colder months.

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Say It With a Story


You’re busy people, so you probably don’t have the minutes spare to compile a fully fledged engagement announcement video. Thanks to Instagram stories, you can create a video within minutes. Put your camera on selfie mode and tell your friends how happy you are!

If Snapchat is your preferred form of social media, you could purchase a “we’re engaged!” filter to post on your story. There’s nothing more perfect than using a personalised filter to share your news.

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You’re Invited!


Why not avoid a social media announcement altogether? Instead, wait until your nearest and dearest are surprised with a beautiful invite to your engagement celebrations in the post. They’ll be over the moon for you, and will probably appreciate it more than a post which is seen by everyone.

We love these beautifully designed engagement invitations by Tavern Creative. They come in a whole host of designs too!

Looks Good On You


Surprise your friends and family by wearing your engagement announcement. There are plenty of different t-shirts and jumpers available on Etsy, including matching His & Hers options. This sweatshirt is our favourite, though. We love the gold lettering against the stylish white cotton.

Wear it to pose for a social media picture or just rock up to a get-together with this under your coat. It’ll be a reveal to remember!

Get Inked


Instagram: @mrtnq_tt

If you’re set to be a bride who’ll break all kinds of wedding rules, why not start early and announce your engagement in an unconventional way?

Get the date of your engagement tattooed on your body, in numbers or Roman numerals, and post a picture for your friends. When you get married, you can add your wedding date to the collection – there’s no better way to say ‘forever’.

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Totes Engaged!


We love this cute tote bag from Etsy and it means you can carry your engagement announcement proudly on your arm! Not a person will go untold, and you’ll be able to keep your special memento forever.

The Perfect Topping


Another super cute way of telling your friends you’re engaged is to invite them all over, and bring out a cake with this amazing ‘she put a ring on it’ cake topper.

You can then share the proposal story while tucking into a slice of cake – pretty perfect if you ask us!

Share the Love


Not everyone likes to pose in front of a camera, and if you’re a bit too busy with your new found hobby of wedding planning, why not post a pretty meme instead?

Choose one of our official Hitched designs and share it across your social media platforms! The notifications of congratulations will come rolling in.


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However you decide to share the news, enjoy the moment! Now that the announcement is out of the way, it’s time to get planning for the big day. Use our wedding planner to help get your planning started!