The Most Unusual Chocolate Wedding Ideas

Couples with a sweet tooth are going to obsess over these ideas!


Of all the unusual wedding themes we’ve explored here at Hitched (and there’s been a lot) – chocolate wedding ideas has to be our favourite.


Whether you’re just looking for a few alternative sweet twists on your big day, or you’re completely and utterly chocolate obsessed, the more chocolate wedding ideas you can include in your wedding the better!

We’ve put together some of the most unique chocolate wedding ideas that will make you seriously hungry.

Chocolate Bar Invitations

Start as you mean to go on by sending out chocolate-themed wedding invitations. These Willy Wonka chocolate bar wrappers are just perfect and we love the idea of having the golden ticket as your invitation. Your guests will love how unique their invitations are!

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Chocolate ‘Wedding Cake’ Doughnuts


Image – Pinterest

Who needs a standard wedding cake when you can have a doughnut wedding cake!? This chocolatey tower of doughnuts is SO impressive and you can alternate the toppings to make sure there’s something for everyone.

Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes


Image –

What better way to embrace a chocolate wedding theme than with a bunch of super sweet, chocolate wedding cakes? These adorable Nutella cupcakes are a unique way to treat your guests to some chocolatey goodness and let’s face it, who doesn’t love Nutella?

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Chocolate Wedding Hashtag

If you’re the kind of couple who’ll have a social media wedding, why not spell your hashtag out with squares like these from Chocolate by Cocoapod Chocolate? This way, your guests will know exactly what to tag when they’re uploading all the amazing pictures from your day. Just make sure no one gets peckish and steals a letter!

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Chocolate Wedding Vows


Add some sentiment into your chocolate-themed wedding with some personalised vows. What better way to commit yourself to your partner than promising them a life-time supply of the true source of human happiness, chocolate.

“I promise to always buy you chocolate, even when you get on my nerves!” – If that isn’t true love, we’re not sure what is…

Chocolate Wedding Favours

Treat your guests to some fabulous edible wedding favours, just like these chocolate pizza slices. They’re perfect ‘wedding favour’ sizes and the box can be personalised to have each of your guests’ names on it.

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Chocolate Place Cards

Alternatively, if you’re having a winter wedding, you may be interested in these silver chocolate pinecone wedding place cards. The intricate detail is really impressive and they’re the perfect colour for an elegant winter wedding theme.

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Chocolate Centrepieces

Really WOW your wedding guests by having centrepieces like this edible chocolate terrarium. It’s so versatile and can be personalised to include your wedding colours and can even be customised to match your specific theme.

Chocolate Wedding Breakfast

Why not go the extra mile and serve a main dish that really deceives your friends and family? What appears to be a (ok, maybe not overly convincing) fish and chips dish here, is actually a chocolate masterpiece made from Vairhona chocolate.

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Why not serve the most amazing choctails (chocolate cocktails for anyone who hasn’t caught on) as a wedding dessert alternative?

These can come in the form of chocolate martinis, chocolate-infused gin and tonic or our personal favourite, a chocolate and Baileys thick milkshake…

Chocolate Dessert Table


Image – Pinterest

If you’re less into individual desserts and would prefer more of a dessert table, why not get a chocolate fountain? Create a chocolate fondue station for your guests with the fountain itself, and lots of cute bites for them to dip in. Pair classics like marshmallows and strawberries with more unusual picks like shortbread biscuits and doughnut balls to mix things up.

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Chocolate Shots

Why toast to the happy couple with glasses of champagne when you can use chocolate shots like these chocoshot cups, AND fill them with even more chocolate in the form of a chocolate liqueur? Here’s to calories!

Chocolate Wedding Song

To round off the theme, it seems only right that you do your first dance to the most famous chocolate song of all time. Yes, you guessed it, Sweet Like Chocolate.


If that doesn’t quite do it for you, we have plenty more amazing songs to end your wedding to!