7 Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

Creative ways to repurpose your wedding dress after the big day to make sure your wedding dress just doesn't hang in a wardrobe forever


The bride’s wedding dress is seen as one of the most important purchases prior to the big day. However after the wedding day is over it tends to spend the rest of its life collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe alongside lots of questionable fashion choices you haven’t looked at since the 90s.

If you want to explore different and unusual ways of reusing your wedding dress, have a look at our top seven fun ideas. Lots of women can’t bear to part ways with their bridal attire, but keep an open mind; this might just change your view. Doing something new and positive with your wedding dress can also be a great way to beat the post wedding blues.

Trash the Dress

As unconventional as it may sound, ‘Trash the Dress’ photo shoots are super popular in America. You may think it’s absurd to waste all that money spent on your dress by ruining it, but don’t rule it out just yet. You and your groom could have copious amounts of fun dressing up in your wedding gear and have even more fun trashing it.

There are loads of crazy things you could do – paintballing, mud fights, and even taking a splash in the ocean! Ruining your wedding dress and the groom’s suit isn’t an idea that would sit well with most people, but after all the pressure of planning a wedding – why not release some stress and go for it? Having a professional photographer capture the whole thing on camera could make for some great memories for both you and your partner.

Trash the dress wedding photo shoot

Fancy Dress

If you want to send your wedding dress off with a dramatic bang, wait for a fancy dress party to come around and stun all your friends by turning up to the party as a blushing bride. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy re-living your exact bridal look for a party, wait for Halloween to come around and have some real fun with this look. It's ideal if you had a gothic wedding dress - minimal effort required!

Try a Tim Burton-inspired ‘Corpse Bride’ theme. This could be super fun and will definitely win you the best dressed award. What a great way to reuse your dress and you could get some great pictures out of it. We’re envisioning ripped fabric, faux blood splatters and maybe even a deadly gothic tiara. If you’re feeling really ready for the role, rope your partner into joining you and be a deadly force to be reckoned as a scary undead wedded couple.

Gothic style bride

Pass it On

Marriage – check. Kids – check? Whether you’re already parents, or plan to be in the future, saving your wedding dress for your offspring can be a really nice way to utilise it. You could have a seamstress transform it into a new dress for your little one to wear, perhaps for a special event like a christening, or even pick up a sewing machine yourself and get arty.

You could even go one step further and have the dress made into doilies or other wedding mementoes for your child’s wedding. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate your gown into your daughter, god child or niece’s wedding in the future so be creative! If you can’t bear to take it apart, save it for them to enjoy when they’re older.

Bride with flower girls

Keep it for Cocktails

Now – if giving your dress away, or trashing it just isn’t your style, you may just like this one. If you’re a social butterfly who loves to attend parties and glamorous social events, why not have your wedding dress shortened into a stylish little number? If you’ve already got a knee-length wedding dress, you don’t even need to have the length altered. You could even have it dyed in a less bridal shade. Don’t let the passing of your wedding stop you partying in your dress – keep those happy memories coming.

Reuse your wedding dress and customise it for social events

Renew Your Vows

If you have sentimental attachments to your bridal gown and don’t want to reuse it for any other purpose than for you and your partner, save it with plans to eventually renew your vows. To slightly mix it up a bit, you could always have parts of the dress changed, such as more embellishments added or the train shortened.

This means you will still be wearing your special dress all over again with an up-to-date make over. Remember, you don’t actually have to change it at all, it is perfectly acceptable to keep the dress exactly the same, but whatever way you decide to do it, be happy that this is a romantic and sentimental reuse of your dream dress.

Bride and groom renewing wedding vows

Wedding Dress Party

You may recall a slightly cringe-worthy episode of Friends where we all watched Monica, Rachel and Phoebe lounge around in rented wedding dresses whilst drinking beer and eating pizza – and eventually getting caught by the boys! We think they may have been onto something...

If you are in a group where a lot of your friends and family are married, get all the women together and have a wedding dress party. You can all spend the evening drinking cocktails, reminiscing about your wedding days and if you and your beau are still in the honeymoon stage and can’t be apart, invite all the guys in their suits to join. What could be more fun than a load of married couples partying in their wedding get-up?

Rack of wedding dresses

Give it to Charity

Some brides are of the opinion that once the wedding is over, the dress has fulfilled its purpose and you can part ways with it. Selling your fabulous gown online can be a good way to recoup costs. This could make you a pretty little penny or two which you could use to book a belated honeymoon or pay off some bills from those pre-wedding expenditures.

Or you could be a total hero for a bride who can’t quite scrape the cash together for her dream wedding dress and offer your one up. See it as your good deed for the day and we’re sure it will leave you feeling really satisfied and great about yourself. Look at it this way, your wedding dress will get another go at its 5 seconds of fame - lucky thing!

Bride searching for a wedding dress

There are so many unconventional things to do with your dress post-wedding, so don’t be afraid to get creative. However, if these ideas don’t quite tickle your fancy, make sure you have a beautiful wedding dress box to keep your gown preserved forever more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to savour it, we totally understand.


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