15 Completely Unusual Wedding Gifts You Hadn't Considered

When a couple gets married they get so many stereotypical wedding gifts. Break the mold and treat them to a gift with a difference.


Wedding gifts tend to follow similar suits and newly married couples seem to always end up with 20 toasters, 15 picture frames and 10 cutlery sets.

Without a wedding gift list it can be hard to know what the couple wants, so why not surprise them with an unusual wedding gift that they won’t be expecting. After opening all the stereotypical presents, they’ll be so thankful yours is there.

We have 15 unusual wedding gift ideas to suit every type of budget and whichever one you choose, it will be received with open arms – we’re sure of it!

For Couples Who Travel

Newlyweds usually go on a honeymoon, but some couples are super keen to travel the world or the country and if so, these travel books from The Great Gift Company give a wide variety of London adventures and 100 destinations around the world for the couple to be inspired by. Another fab accessory to pair with these presents is a ‘where you have been map’. As the couple visits different honeymoon destinations around the world, they can scratch that country off and see where to go next, also from The Great gift Company.

travelling books

For The Couple Who Have Everything

One way to make the couple feel really special is by buying them a small plot of land to make them a Lord and Lady. The packages are really easy to apply for online and they come with a certificate and map of where their land is land is. They can use these details on some paperwork and it will make them feel so important – which they are, of course. 

Another present which will last a lifetime is the gift of binary star naming. You can name two binary stars after the couple on Star Name Registry. This is super special because binary stars are two star which constantly orbit each other and this is a really romantic representation of a marriage – we love this gift.

For The Couple Who Are Honeymooning

A really personal present which any married couple will appreciate is some cute marital accessories they can take away with them on honeymoon. This luggage tag from Coconut Grass and passport holders from The Present Finder are so cute and show that you have put some real thought into the gift. The airhostesses will have no doubt that they have newlyweds on their plane and it may even get them some special treatment, which they will be really grateful for.

To add to the honeymoon theme, getting the couple a polaroid camera is so cute because those pictures will be for them, and they can keep them forever in a honeymoon album. These items will definitely be on their honeymoon checklist

honeymoon gifts

For The Couple Who Need A Helping Hand

If the couple are struggling financially with the wedding, or you know someone who works in a wedding industry service, why not offer to pay for something which would help the couple on the wedding day. For example you could buy the photographer for the day, or pay for the wedding cake as a nice gesture. Gifts like this are so appreciated and give you a really big and amazing role to play in the planning of the wedding.

For The Romantic Couple

Sweet toothed couples will love this luxury chocolate tasting for two from Coca Runners. This isn’t just a nice present, but it’s also an activity the newlywed couple can engage in and doing activities and making memories is really important once you’re married.

Champagne tasting is also another really lovely treat which you can offer the new couple. Truly Experiences offer lots of different experience gifts for couples from restaurant meals to afternoon tea, which is perfect for a wedding gift.

romantic evening

For The Couple Who Love The Spotlight

If your newlyweds like their five minutes of fame and enjoy the spotlight, why not get them a shout out on their favourite radio station or fan-mail their favourite celeb and ask them to send them a congratulations or good luck message. This may be a long shot but it’s always worth a try and lots of famous people are always happy to congratulate fans.

For The Funny Couple

These hubby and wifey pillowcases from Koko Blossom and funny ‘attractive couple’ cushion from The Great Gift Company are humorous gifts which also make cute bedroom accessories and celebrate their marriage all at the same time. We also love these hilarious his and hers piggy banks and we think married couples will too!

funny wedding gifts

For The Sentimental Couple

Weddings are all about romance and meaningfulness, and we love this ‘one line a day book’ from The Great Gift Company. It allows couples to write one line a day for 5 years and will leave them with the first memorable years of being a married couple completely documented. This is something they will love looking back on! 

wedding book gift

If the newlyweds you're buying for are more eco-friendly than anything, they will love our green wedding gifts


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