10 Brides Totally Upstaged by Animals on Their Big Day

These mischievous critters don't care about your perfect photoshoot - they just want a share of the limelight!


Every bride knows that despite the careful planning, there's always going to be a few unexpected moments on their wedding day.

But spare a thought for these poor couples, who probably weren't expecting them to come in the form of a llama photobomb!

From cats and camels to playful pups, Wedding Photography Select have rounded up these hilarious snaps from their Excellence Awards that show our creature counterparts really couldn't care less that it's your big day.

Horse at wedding

Image: Ken Pak

Quit horsing around! This cheeky mare has her eyes - and lips - on the bride's bouquet. We'd take it as a sign of appreciation.

Dog eating wedding cake

Image: Fabio Mirulla

Man's best friend is a bride's worst nightmare. No doubt he'd feel pretty ruff if he wolfed all that down! (We're so sorry for the puns).

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Dog wedding guest

Image: Arno de Bruijn

This gleeful pup at least had the decency to dress up before stealing the thunder from his owners.

Llama photobomb wedding

Image: Oier Aso

Ok, anyone else the teensiest bit concerned for this couple's safety? 

Chipmunk photobomb

Image: Marcin Karpowicz

Because what's a dramatic wedding photoshoot without an equally dramatic squirrel photobomb?!

Cat photobomb wedding

Image: Daniel Riberio

This cat appears to have some mixed felines about the whole wedding. (We'll show ourselves out.)

Horse photobomb wedding

Image: Fabio Mirulla

"Oh, we should totally do an outdoor shoot. It'll be great. What could possibly go wrong?"

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Dog running wedding

Image: Fabio Mirulla

This furry fella doesn't have time to paws for you to kiss; he just saw your waiter drop a whole tray of canapes on the floor.

Camel photobomb

Image: David One

"Don't get the hump with me, mate! You get married on the sand, you expect a camel." 

Deer photobomb wedding

Image: Liz Lui

This is basically the Disney princess dream, right? This could literally be the end of Frozen.

If you want to see more adorable animals at weddings, we've found 29 of the cutest pictures for your viewing delight. And if you're set on giving your pet a starring role, explore our selection of pet-friendly venues in the UK. 


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