Wedding Flower Names: A Guide to Your Wedding Flowers

We teamed up with flower experts Interflora to name all the popular wedding flowers and discover what they can be used for


When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, most couples will have an idea of the colours they like and maybe even the shapes, but perhaps not the flower names.


Once you know the names of the flowers you love, you can start thinking about what wedding bouquet style would work for your wedding and whether the flowers you like are in season and talk to your wedding florist about what you want.

We teamed up with flower experts Interflora to get their expert advice on wedding flower names, what they’re useful for and when it’s best to get them.


Gypsophila (also known as baby’s breath) is supremely delicate and fantastic for table centres and popular in bridesmaid bouquets all year round.



Synonymous with romance and loved for their impact and beauty, roses are still a favourite with brides for resplendent bouquets and grooms for stylish buttonholes. A classic choice for weddings.


Garden Roses

Garden roses have been more popular in recent years for bridal bouquets because of their vintage blousy appearance, and very often the beautiful scent they carry.



The mass of petals on a hydrangea head makes it a great addition to wedding designs. They work brilliantly as part of a bridal bouquet, table arrangement or pew end, and can also be broken down into smaller sections for more intricate designs like buttonholes or flower crowns.


Calla Lily

The unique shape of the calla lily screams luxury and as such, it remains a firm wedding favourite. A wonderful flower for buttonholes and bouquets, as well as for giving height to larger arrangements, it is never out of season.



Peonies are a true summer wedding favourite, best enjoyed during peak season in June. A wonderful variety for bridal bouquets and floral crowns, they’re the delicate way to create volume and carry a beautiful sweet scent too. Don’t miss our edit of the best peony bouquets.



Anemones are very dainty flowers. Anemones make fantastic pieces for flower girls and small intricate posies. Fabulous during the spring months with a peak season of February through May.



Succulents are wonderful to use when dressing tables and adding interest to arrangements with a unique shape and texture. Succulents have also proven popular in recent years for bridal bouquets creating impact through originality.



Amaryllis is terrific for table centres and large statement pieces, adding extra impact to arrangements. They’re an excellent during the winter months, as the peak season for Amaryllis is October to March.



Sunflowers, fantastic for summer weddings, come in a wide range of different sizes so can be used in everything from buttonholes to table centres. They’re such a happy flower they’re sure to bring a smile to anybody’s face. We’ve got plenty of sunflower bouquets to inspire you.



Carnations are excellent for adding texture to arrangements large and small. Although often seen as an old-fashioned or ‘cheap’ flower choice, carnations have made a comeback in recent years and are now often used in wedding designs. The fact that they are relatively low-cost per stem and available all year round increases their popularity too!



Quintessentially spring time flowers, tulips are associated with the arrival of spring and new beginnings. Very adaptable, they will happily sit pride of place in bouquets and other arrangements. Perfect for brides looking for spring wedding flower ideas.



Ranunculus are particularly popular in vintage style bridal bouquets as they have a very blousy shape. Fantastic for winter and spring wedding, ranunculus is a super choice for buttonholes and bouquets.


Sweet Peas

A particularly delicate variety of flower, sweet peas are perfect for spring and summer weddings, adding femininity to bridal and bridesmaids bouquets alike. Fantastic in all kinds of arrangements.



Gerberas are incredible for adding a pop of colour to arrangements and bouquets. Available all year round they can be big, bright and impactful, or soft, pale and feminine. They look equally at home in summer bouquets as they do bringing a burst of colour to winter arrangements.



Chrysanthemums come in all shapes and sizes, from the dainty spray varieties to the glorious blooms, and everything in between. Each has a place in wedding designs, and they are great for creating masses of colour in a cost-effective way.



Daffodils are ideal for spring time weddings. Daffodils are can be used to bring the spring season into both bouquets and arrangements – plus they look fabulous in buttonholes.



Dahlias are amazing for creating big impact in late summer and autumn-time show-stopping arrangements.  



A very dainty flower, freesias are perfect for ladies corsages – a fabulous alternative to bridesmaid bouquets. Available in a variety of different colours they can easily be matched to your colour scheme.



Big on impact, lilac when used in volume is excellent for large scale arrangements and works really well on floral arches. A gorgeous spring time flower.



Available in gorgeous shades of white, pink and purple, lisianthus is a fantastic flower for spring and summer weddings. Magnificent for table arrangements and popular in bouquets and buttonholes.


Lotus Pod

Offering something a bit different, lotus pods can be used in everything from bouquets to arrangements. Used either fresh or dried, lotus pods add rich earthy colours and extra texture and detail to wedding designs.



Cymbidium, dendrobium, phalaenopsis…So many varieties and all gorgeous! Orchids are a wedding favourite and available all year round.



The iris is perfect for that pop of Cadbury purple. Available all year round, the iris is particularly popular spring weddings. Use it with daffodils for the ultimate spring time arrangement.


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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is very pretty in smaller arrangements. The delicate Lily of the Valley is amazing during late spring and early summer in Bridal bouquets, but especially beautiful when given prominence in buttonholes and corsages.


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