Silk Wedding Flowers For Your Big Day

Forget any preconceptions about 'tacky' fake blooms, today's silk wedding flowers look better than ever


If you want a lasting memento of your wedding that you can cherish forever, then consider using gorgeous silk wedding flowers on your big day. It’s not all about the bouquet though, we show you other ways you can incorporate these everlasting blooms into your wedding. Read on for our top tips and some expert opinions on why silk wedding flowers are a worthwhile addition to your day.

For more floral inspiration that goes against tradition, check out our alternative ideas for your bridal bouquet.

Why Have Silk Wedding Flowers?

Many brides tend to lean towards fresh flowers for their wedding day as the scent and beauty is hard to beat, however it can be a crushing feeling knowing that the flowers will eventually wilt and die.

The best thing about silk wedding flowers is that they will last forever, plus modern ones have come a long way from the tacky, fake looking flowers of days gone by. Silk flowers nowadays look closer than ever to the real thing and you can replicate the scent anyway by spraying them with a floral perfume.

Another bonus is that silk wedding flowers are absolutely perfect for brides with allergies. Forget the risk of mascara running down your face (it should be tears of joy responsible for that not tears of allergies), silk wedding flowers will save you from the dreaded red nose and streaming eyes.

Bride holding a bouquet of silk wedding flowers

Image credit: Silk Blooms

The Pros of Silk Flowers, by Silk Blooms

Silk Blooms in Glasgow are specialists in creating artificial wedding flowers in a huge range of colours and styles. The handmade bouquets can be made to suit your preferences and the options are limitless seeing as you’re not restricted by season.

The florists at Silk Blooms provide flowers for over 7,000 weddings each year and they have worked with the likes of Givenchy, Estee Lauder and Vera Wang – so you can rest assured that their silk flowers have the seal of approval!

“As a designer of artificial wedding flowers, I can see why they are taking centre stage,” says David McDaid, the company director of Silk Blooms. “Especially over the winter months when some popular fresh flowers are not widely available. Although they do not have the same scent and delicate feel as real flowers, artificial flowers will last forever so the bride can have a lasting memento of her day.”

Bride walking down the aisle with her silk bouquet

These are David’s top reasons to buy silk wedding flowers:

  • At Silk Blooms, you can get precisely colour matched flowers in any shade.
  • You can get the flowers that you want, even if they’re out of season.
  • There’s a risk that real flowers could stain your dress, whereas silk flowers won’t.
  • Silk flowers are allergy-friendly and don’t attract wasps or bugs.
  • Silk wedding flowers won’t wilt or die.
  • Our silk flowers travel well, so they are ideal for destination weddings.
  • You can keep your silk flowers forever.

Silk Wedding Bouquets

Many brides tend to stay away from silk wedding flowers because they’re put off by the artificial look, but if you choose the right colours and finish then you’re bound to find something to really rival a fresh bouquet.

We love this elegant bouquet from Not on the High Street that has pretty accents of pink and purple. From a distance the flowers look completely convincing. Up close, the bouquet looks luxurious and has an immaculate finish with champagne coloured ribbons. Shh - no one will ever know that they're fake flowers!

Silk wedding bouquet from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Birdsong & Blooms at Not on the High Street

Sunflower bouquets are perfect for summer weddings because of their fun, vibrant colour – but what if you want one in the winter? Thanks to this bouquet from Silk Blooms, you can have sunflowers at your wedding no matter what time of year it is.

Silk sunflower bouquet

Image credit: Silk Blooms

Silk flowers can come to the rescue if you’re after seasonal wedding flowers that aren’t available to buy. “I had a wedding recently where the bride really wanted Rilona Amaryllis flowers as the focal point of her bouquet, but sadly they weren’t seasonally available,” says florist Cindy Kirkland from Creative Works. “In order not to disappoint I had some silk versions made to the exact colour specification of the flowers.”

Peach silk flowers from Creative Works

Image credit: Cindy Kirkland at Creative Works

Silk wedding bouquets don’t necessarily have to be realistic. Take advantage of the material and go crazy with colour if this is what floats your bridal boat. This rainbow coloured bouquet from Silk Blooms is perfect for a quirky bride – pair with unusual wedding shoes for even more colour clashing.

Rainbow coloured silk flowers

Image credit: Silk Blooms

How gorgeous is this winter themed bouquet from Silk Blooms? The silk material works perfectly if you’re getting married at a snowy winter wedding venue, especially in frosty colours such as pale pink and white. The silver reindeer brooch is a cute finishing touch.

Winter themed silk bouquet

Image credit: Silk Blooms

We wouldn’t even be able to tell this silk rose bouquet apart from the real thing! The rich red colour looks incredible in silk, giving the bouquet a completely timeless and romantic look. The cream handle and diamante detail is the perfect finish.

Silk red rose bouquet from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Birdsong & Blooms at Not on the High Street

A teardrop bouquet (check out our guide to wedding bouquet styles to decode floral lingo) can be difficult to manage with real flowers as they have to be wired into place. However a silk one, like this Silk Blooms bouquet, will stay together a lot easier as the artificial flowers are more structured. Plus we’re always a fan of peonies – real or not!

Silk teardrop bouquet from Silk Blooms

Image credit: Silk Blooms

This eye catching pink bouquet from Silk Blooms is made from silk roses that have ‘real touch’ and the artistic swirls of green foliage around the base contrast with the pink nicely.

Pink silk bouquet from Silk Blooms

Image credit: Silk Blooms

Other Ways to Incorporate Them Into Your Wedding


Silk wedding flowers make great wedding table decorations, like this pretty posy of flowers from Not on the High Street. The flowers make a sweet statement by themselves, or you could add details such as ribbon, stones or confetti to the jar to decorate them further.

Small bouquet of silk flowers from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Abigail Bryans Designs


Add a touch of affordable glamour to your wedding by decorating your archways with beautiful silk flowers. There’s no need to worry about any stray petals falling on you as you walk down the aisle plus having fake flowers allows you to be as creative as you like. You could also give your nuptials an A-list twist and create a fabulous wall of silk flowers for photos, as an ode to the real one (which we assume was jaw droppingly expensive) at Kanye West’s wedding.


If you’re worried that having flowers in your wedding hair will trigger any unwelcome allergies, then pop a silk bloom in your tresses to banish these worries. This stunning white flower from LOV LOV would be such a lovely addition to your bridal look. Take note from the model in the picture and pair the flower with a swipe of bright colour on the lips to really make your face stand out.

Silk wedding hair flower

Image credit: LOV LOV at Not on the High Street


This beautiful handmade rose wreath would make a fitting addition if you’re planning to have vintage wedding décor. The roses look completely realistic and you could even hang it up in your garden or house after the wedding.

Silk wedding wreath

Image credit: Door Candy at Not on the High Street

Flower Girl Accessories

Accessories that feature silk flowers are great for your flower girls as they can keep them as a gift after the wedding. This little heart shaped basket from Silk Blooms is so adorable and the silk roses are decorated with buttons for a playful touch.

Flower girl flowers in a heart basket

This plum coloured wand is an ideal choice of flowers for your flower girls as it will make them feel like a true princess. The wand is decorated with ribbon and topped off nicely with realistic anemones.

Silk flower wand for your flower girls

Images credited to Silk Blooms

Caring for Your Silk Wedding Flowers

Thankfully, buying your silk flowers is not as restricting as real flowers as you can order them at any time.

“If you’re taking delivery of your wedding flowers well in advance of your wedding date then don’t worry too much about storing them,” suggests David. “So long as you store them correctly then they’ll pretty much last forever.

“We recommend using a plastic box with a lid to keep them totally spotless and dust free. Keep it out of direct sunlight so the flowers don’t fade or bleach.”

Silk red rose bouquet from Silk Blooms

Image credit: Silk Blooms

Another great way to save money on your flowers is to make your own wedding bouquet. Check out our easy seven step guide to learn how to do it.


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