Stunning Wedding Nails and the Perfect Bridal Bouquets to Match: A Perfectionist Brides Dream

Wedding nails are stunning and so are wedding flowers, so why not match yours and have double trouble with your glamorous wedding look?


When it comes to wedding beauty, your nails are the final component to your ultimate look, so you have to get it right.


Whether it’s wedding nail art, or a beautiful block colour, there is one thing it needs to look perfect with, and that’s your bridal bouquet.

We have a selection of different nail styles, and the perfect wedding flowers to go with it!

Wonderfully White

Crystal Nail Boutique have the most dramatic coffin nails in a sleek white colour. The crisp nails are so modern and pretty, and to showcase their full beauty, they need to be matched with a stunning bouquet of white flowers.  This bouquet made by Hutton Flowers is the perfect clean design to totally complement the nails. We love the simplicity of the pairing and would totally rock this look if we were having a glamorous wedding


Pretty in Purple

Whisper and Rose Jamberry Nail Wraps come in many different styles, and we especially love this softly patterned mauve design. The pastel tone is perfect for a wedding but can’t be overpowered with a bouquet that is too bright. Rhubarb &Bramley’s lilac and ivory bouquet is the perfect match for these nails as all of the colours go perfectly together and neither one is louder or bolder than the other. We can imagine this combo with a floral wedding dress at a country garden wedding


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Summer Loving

Paulinas Passions have created a stunning floral nail design which is so super detailed – we are totally in awe. There are a few colours you could try and matc hthe bouquet to, but we decided that the blush pink shade was the prettiest fit. The multiple tones of pink, along with the gypsophila plant, all work together to bring out every detail in the nail design. 


Image Credit (flowers): AI Weddings Photography & Video

Racing Red

This daring shade of red is so bright; you can barely take your eyes off it. The pointed nail shape and bold colour is a dramatic combo which we can’t get enough of. The rose is completely matching in colour and we recommend that you get an entire bouquet to match. We would love to see this look paired with a tea-length wedding dress and a retro wedding hairstyle


Simply Detailed

If you want a super detailed bridal beauty look, then this pairing could be a serious contender for you. The nail design takes French manicure’s to a whole new level with the immense detail that one nail on each hand has been given. The embroidery is brought completely to life next to the glamorous gold bridal bouquet. The ivory roses and rich gold colour give an elegant finish to this overall glamorous look. It exudes taste and we love it. 


Nautical Metallics 

We have another design from Whisper and Rose Jamberry Nail Wraps  and what a beauty it is. The metallic nautical colours, with a pretty pearl touch couldn’t possibly look any better next to this Brooch Bride bouquet. The bouquet is made from a variation of beads, trinkets and brooches, with each colour standing out just as much as the other. The blues and greens in the bouquet flatter the nails and make this an all-round stunning look. 


Princess Pink

Pink nails are a very popular colour for brides, as each shade can fit with any type of wedding. You could have metallic pink for a winter wedding, a warmer pastel for spring, or a bright sparkly one like this, for a summer wedding. Paired with this beautifully textured bridal bouquet made by Rafflesia Wedding Flowers, this is a gorgeous look which on paper shouldn’t work, but definitely does in practice. Blue and pink have never looked so pretty together.


Winter Metallics

Winter weddings are the perfect home for this magical pair. Whisper and Rose Jamberry Nail Wraps host a metallic design which will have all winter brides’ jaws dropping and Brooch Bride’s bouquet is just as amazing. We love the sparkly detail alongside the stunning satin roses. All of the colours used in the bouquet are the epitome of winter weddings and the nails totally top off the look. 


Festival French Manicure

This French manicure has a slight colourful twist. One nail on each hand is home to some cute pastel coloured dots which give just enough colour and detail to the design without it being too bold. The bridal bouquet has blues and pastels in it which bring out every little bit of detail in the nails and keep the colour code in check. The soft colours and added greenery make this pretty team a complete success in our eyes, and we’d accompany them with a simple wedding dress and braided wedding hair.


Image Credit (flowers): Gavin Photography

Gorgeous Gothic

These nails, painted in grey and deep purple are a sultry pairing with our pick of bouquet which is a stunning bouquet of Lillie’s in a Russian violet colour. This dark combination of colour and beauty makes for a really dramatic bridal look which would be the amazing finishing touch to an unusual wedding dress. We love this bouquet because it’s different and perfect for any bride who wants to make a statement on her wedding day.


Pretty & Preppy

Whisper and Rose Jamberry Nail Wraps have combined two different designs to make a cute and preppy nail style. The monochrome polka dots and vintage orange pattern are a fun and contemporary look which are totally the right match for this gorgeous peachy orange bouquet of roses. We decided to concentrate on the orange themed nails and use that as the theme for this bridal look, and quite frankly we love the result. This is a serious winner for spring weddings – we’re sure of it. 


Simply Stunning

Can we just say firstly how much we love this nail design? The inverted French manicure style is so stylish, but so pretty at the same time. Having such a n amazing set of nails means having an equally amazing bouquet, and we found one. Indeco Flowers’ bouquet of pink ombre roses represent the colour theme of this look so well and the thick ribbon and pearls add the perfect amount of prettiness which we adore. 


Dare-Devil Red

How amazing are these nails. Wow! We literally gasped when we saw them. This deep shade of red is a really sexy colour that exudes femininity and even has a modern triangle cuticle detail which we have used to colour match with the bouquet. Instead of matching these nails with flowers in the same shade of red, we decided that the red needs to take centre stage and what better way to do so than to add some super glam ivory roses. They do not hold back in the beauty department, but allow the nails to shine like the stars that they are. 


Monochrome Polkadots

This bridal look is daring and it’s eye-catching – which are the precise reasons that we chose it. We love an alternative bridal look and this is one which could go down in history. The playful polka dots are so chic and don’t even get us started on the monochrome button bouquets. Not only is this an alternative bridal bouquet, but the colours aren’t typically wedding themed. This is definitely a wedding rule you can break. Embrace the colours and the shocking style – we dare you! 


Rose Gold 

Metallic colours are so on trend right now which is why we are obsessing over this Essie nail varnish. Because the shiny shade is so feminine, it can work for a wedding which is occurring at any time of the year. We decided to bring out the rustic side to this bridal look and pair it with gorgeous blush pink flowers and lots of greenery. The wedding bouquet by House of Blooms is the perfect fit for these nails and we love the variation in size between all of the flowers. 


Modern & Metallic

This contemporary nail wrap from Whisper and Rose Jamberry Nail Wraps is very modern and stylish. The greeny blue shades are super pretty and we love the bronze line which separates them. To embrace this nail theme, we chose this insanely pretty bouquet by Love is Vintage. It is absolutely stunning and the circular shape has more structure than a real flower bouquet, and more character than you will find anywhere else. We love the blues, golds and jewels that make this look so glamorous.  


Now you have your beauty style sorted, have a look at our grooming tips for your groom. Brides aren’t the only ones who need some serious pre-wedding pampering!