How to Make a Floral Hair Comb

Interflora explain how to make a floral hair comb - ideal if you want to dress up your look but don't fancy a floral crown


Flower experts Interflora know there is so much more to wedding flowers than just the bridal bouquet. They share with us their step by step guide to making your own floral hair comb to add a romantic rustic twist to your wedding hairstyle, which is a great alternative to a flower crown. If you love the idea of DIY and flowers, don’t miss our guide to making paper flowers for your wedding


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What you’ll need:


  • One stem of small Cymbidium orchids
  • One stem of white lisianthus
  • One stem of snowball viburnum
  • A handful of ivy leaves
  • 10 strands of China grass
  • Rosemary
  • A plastic hair comb
  • Flower glue
  • Florist wires
  • Florist tape
  • Scissors

Step One

The first step involved in creating your own floral wedding hair accessory is to create the base of the hair slide. To do this, fold two of the florist wires in half, and lay them out so the ends are touching on a flat surface. Stick the ends together with florist tape.


Step Two

Lay another wire across the centre of the wire frame you’ve created, before covering the whole thing with the florist tape. Once you’ve done this, insert two wires into the tape vertically.


Step Three

Secure three strands of the China grass together using the florist wire. Plait the loose ends of the grass together. Once they are plaited loop the ends together and tie them with wire. Repeat this to create another loop. These will create a bow. Set aside two strands of China grass to make the ribbons for the bow.


Step Four

Cover the base you made earlier with flower glue or adhesive, and arrange the foliage on to it. Use the plaited loops and strands to create a bow. Adding the rosemary will give your hair comb a gorgeous scent.


Step Five

It’s now time to add the blooms to your flower comb! Trim the stems of the orchid and lisianthus so they’re short, and glue them to the base. It may be wise to lay them out first so you know exactly where you want to stick them. Give your creation time to dry before progressing to step six.



Step Six

Once the design is dry, you need to attach it to the hair comb. Carefully turn the design over and thread the wires around the comb to secure it.


You’ve now got a stunning fresh flower hair comb, perfect for a rustic, outdoor, or country garden wedding!


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