Expert Advice and Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Don't let something as fun as choosing your wedding flowers freak you out - our hitched expert from La Belle Floral Designs is here to help!


Choosing your wedding flowers can be a tricky process, especially if you haven’t read our guide to wedding flower names!

With untold amounts of ways to include flowers in your wedding – it’s hard to know where to start.

We got together with Siobhan from La Belle Floral Designs who gave us her top tips for brides choosing their wedding flowers.

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Get Your Order Right

Although you may know in your head the type of flowers you want on your wedding day, there are a lot of aspects that can determine what will look good so it's really important to make the big decisions first before you think about anything else.

“It’s better to start thinking about flowers once you have your wedding date, venue and bridesmaids dresses picked as these can all affect the type and style of flowers that you’ll want.”

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Consider Your Wedding Season

When choosing your wedding flowers make sure you take into consideration the time of year you’re going to be getting married – sunflowers are definitely not right for your winter wedding!

“Although many flowers are available all year round, using some seasonal flowers will add to the atmosphere of the day. Seasonal flowers are also usually more cost effective.”

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Communicate With Your Florist

Out of everyone who you can discuss your wedding flowers with, your wedding florist is probably the most important. No one will have a better input then them...

“Your florist will do a much better job if you if you give them your overall look, feel and colour scheme. Communicate your vision to us – as florists we want to make sure your day is as breath-taking and magical as you’ve always imagined.”

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Don’t Be Scared to Talk Budget

Wedding budgets and numbers can sometimes be a touchy subject that couples will avoid talking about, but when it comes to your suppliers it’s always better to be clear about what you’re prepared to spend to make sure you are all on the same page.

“If some things are out of your budget category, your florist can suggest suitable alternatives. If you are unsure what you can afford most shops will happily quite for two alternative designs and give you a ballpark figure.

“Put your budget on the table. Don’t spend time talking about thousands of pounds worth of flowers if you only have a budget of £1,000.”

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Save in the Right Areas

Although saving money is a priority for couples on a budget – there are areas worth the cuts, and others where you should save some extra pennies for.

“If you are on a tight budget, a few larger designs will make much more of an impact than lots of small ones and never scrimp on your bridal bouquet – make your savings elsewhere!

“Don’t be scared of expensive flowers as well… Flowers like hydrangeas and peonies are more expensive but they cover more space and have a greater impact so the cost of your flowers doesn’t have to increase.”

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Think About Your Wedding Style

The wedding theme, colour scheme and setting that you decide on is a huge indicator of what kind of flowers you want. Rustic bouquets with cascading shapes are perfect for weddings with a more whimsical vibe whereas smart and clean bouquet shapes are probably more suited to a formal stately home wedding venue.

“Tight compact bunches of flowers, such as peonies and roses, fit a classic vibe. Lush arrangements of soft, big blooms will take on a romantic note. Sleek architectural minimalist arrangements are more modern and loose clusters of flowers mixed with greenery have a rustic feel. Your florist will advise you on styles that will suit your wedding style.”

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Pick Meaningful Flowers

If you and your partner are keen to personalise your wedding, picking meaningful flowers can be a great way to do so.

Whether it’s the flower your other half bought you on your first date, or one that holds a sentimental value to you as a couple – it is the perfect way to add even more romance into your wedding day!

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Trust the Experts

Brides wouldn’t be brides if they didn’t have plenty of unreasonable wedding worries, and the odd bridezilla moment – however it is really important to have some faith in your suppliers. Remember that your florist cares about your wedding flowers being perfect as much as you do so keep calm and carry on.

“Sometime we have to make last minute substitutions with flowers, trust we understand your vision and remember why you hired talented professionals.”

Tips for the Day

The wedding flower tips don’t stop once the wedding day arrives – Siobhan has a few very important tips for couples on making the most of their flowers on the day too.

“At summer weddings it’s always best to have a few vases at the venue for your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets to be placed in after the ceremony – this will stop them from wilting and also add to the reception décor.”

“Make sure you recycle your ceremony arrangements. Pew, chair and pedestal flowers are gorgeous arrangements that won’t be seen again so moving them to other areas for the reception is a great way to save money and get the most from your floral budget.”

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The last tip for the wedding day is from us here at hitched: Make sure you relax! It is the wedding day now and all of the stressing and planning is over – enjoy your day and leave the floral fuss to your girls, it is one of their bridesmaid roles after all.

Speaking of your girls, make sure you read up on our top tips for putting together your bridesmaid bouquets - it will seriously help.


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