Sunflower Bouquets: Everything You Need to Know

Inject some sunshine into your wedding with a gorgeously vibrant bouquet of sunflowers


A gorgeous choice of bloom for a wedding in the summer months, sunflowers are a gloriously vibrant and joyful flower that are a symbol for pure thoughts, adoration and love.


This striking flower deserves to be shown off if you’re including it in your special day, so what better way to do this than by holding a sunflower wedding bouquet!

Because this bright summer wedding flower makes such a big statement, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about sunflower bouquets along with some expert advice and styling tips for inspiration.


Image Credit: Leslie Choucard Photography

When is the Best Time to Source Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are available all year round but some varieties may only be available during peak times, which is September to October according to Sarah from The Flower Bird.

‘British ones are readily available then, which can really help with the budget,’ she says. ‘They come in lots of different sizes and you can even get mini ones which are also perfect for buttonholes for the Groom.’


Image Credit: Buckland Photography

Finding out whether the flowers you want are in season is one of the essential questions to ask your wedding florist, to make sure that they can get hold of the flowers you want in your bouquet.

What Style of Wedding Would Sunflowers Suit?

As I’m sure you can guess, summer celebrations and weddings with yellow accents in the colour scheme would lend themselves best to a sunflower bouquet. However, Liz from Blue Sky Flowers thinks that sunflowers would certainly suit a free spirited bride or a vintage style wedding

‘Sunflowers would work extremely well with a 50s style wedding dress or perhaps a lacy boho number – something a little more unusual,’ says Liz.

When we see sunflowers we associate them with bright sunshine, blue skies and a cool summer breeze – everything that pretty much embodies summer! These happy flowers will radiate positivity at your wedding and are perfect if you want a more informal vibe.


Sarah thinks that a sunflower bouquet would also suit a celebration at a rustic wedding venue with added elements from vintage eras. ‘I think sunflowers do suit a more rustic style wedding,’ says Sarah. ‘At a recent wedding I tied the bridal party’s sunflower bouquets with hessian ribbon. The bride wore a vintage style dress with cowboy boots and the groom wore tweed!’ 

Should I Include Other Flowers in My Bouquet?

Because they are so bold, sunflowers should certainly be the focal point of your bouquet but that’s not to say they can’t be mixed with other flowers.

‘Sunflowers are such a strong statement on their own,’ says Sarah. ‘However, I like to add some foliage or grasses to mix it up and add movement. Using different size sunflower heads also adds interest.’

You could also pad out a sunflower bouquet by adding other yellow flowers if you’re worried about colour clashing. We love this bouquet which has the sunflowers as the focal point along with a cluster of romantic yellow roses.


Flowers in neutral colours such as white would also complement a sunflower bouquet, as seen in this stunning bride and groom shot by Leslie Choucard Photography.

The smiley, glowing bride looks radiant with her eye catching bouquet and it looks lovely against the white of her dress. If you want to co-ordinate your bouquet with your groom, make sure he wears a corsage in the same shade of bright yellow.


If you feel daring and want to mix and match the sunflowers in your bouquet with blooms in contrasting colours, then choose shades that would complement yellow such as purple and blue.

This bride’s sunflower bouquet is finished beautifully with smaller purple flowers which add a pop of colour without overpowering the sunflowers. A bouquet like this would also work well if your bridal party are wearing purple bridesmaid dresses


Image Credit: Carol Elizabeth Photography

Big and Beautiful

Go big and bold with your sunflower bouquet if this flower is going to be a key part of your wedding décor. This bride’s lovely bouquet idea is ideal if you have a simple wedding dress that you want to add a pop of colour to. The long stems make the bouquet easier to hold and the flowers themselves draw your eyes to the beautiful bride. 


Image Credit: Buckland Photography

We’re inspired by the bouquet of sunflowers from Carley and Darren’s real wedding, which are arranged in a simple yet eye catching style. Carley’s flowers injected some summer vibes into her February wedding, proving that sunflower bouquets don’t have to be limited to the warmers months.


Image Credit: Photography by Paul Smith Studios; Flowers by Sweet Lavender Blue 

Small and Stylish

Do sunflower bouquets the chic and sophisticated way, like this small yet beautiful arrangement with smaller flower heads.


Image Credit: Wedding in the City

If you want to save money on the budget, you could make your own wedding bouquet in a similar style to this one. Source your sunflowers from a florist and bind together with ribbon, hessian or twine in neutral colours. Let the sunflowers do the talking and leave it at that or add a silver brooch for a touch of sparkle.

Are Sunflower Bouquets Just for Summer or Spring Weddings?

Although sunflowers are most commonly used for weddings in the summer months, there’s no reason why they can’t bring some sunshine to an autumn or winter wedding!

For a magnificent bouquet that makes a colourful statement, what about this incredible arrangement from Not on the High Street? The singular sunflower is a pop of colour amongst the deeper autumnal tones in the bouquet.


Image Credit: The Flower Studio at Not on the High Street

Should My Sunflower Bouquet Co-ordinate with My Colour Scheme?

If you’ve chosen a sunflower bouquet for your wedding, then you could give a nod to this in your décor by incorporating hints of yellow in the venue flowers and reception table decorations

As mentioned before, complementary colours such as blue and purple go well with yellow so you could bear this in mind if your bridesmaids will be holding sunflower bouquets. These blue bridesmaid dresses are given a delightful dose of colour with each maid holding a stunning sunflower bouquet.


Image Credit: Millhill Digital Photography


If you love sunflowers so much you want them in your bouquet and in your hair, why not make your own flower crown and transform yourself into a boho bride!