Outdoor Wedding Games: 25 Fun Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Entertain your reception guests with these seriously fun outdoor wedding game ideas


If you’re planning a pretty outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, then a great way to entertain your guests is with some classic games that can be played outside. Not only is this a perfect ice breaker for friends and family who might be meeting for the first time, it’s also a brilliant way to get everyone involved and having fun – not to mention you’ll get loads of priceless photo moments. If you’re stuck for ideas, read on for our edit of fantastic outdoor wedding games that are suitable for every celebration.

Coconut Shy

Festival weddings are all the rage right now – if you’re having one then why don’t you add to the summery feel by having carnival style outdoor wedding games? We loved the fete set up at Emily and Ashley’s real wedding, which included this amazing vintage coconut shy.

Carnival coconut shy

Image credit: James Green Studio

If you want to put a wedding twist on your coconut shy, then how about dressing the coconuts as brides and grooms?

Wedding coconut shy

Image credit: Pippa Carvell Photography

Lawn Scrabble

Who doesn’t love this classic board game? If your summer wedding venue has a nice big lawn then you could set up your own giant scrabble game. If you want to DIY then cut out squares of cardboard and write the letters on in permanent marker – easy peasy. 


It can be tricky when you’ve got younger guests who will want entertaining at the reception, so double check with your venue if a game of rounders can be held outside. This is a fantastic game that will really get the competitive spirit going – and the adults can join in too!

Break the Piñata

They’re fun to break, they’re full of sweets and they also add a decorative touch - we can’t see any downside to a game of ‘break the piñata’. This outdoor wedding game is perfect for giving your reception a summer party vibe.

Giant Jenga

This traditional game is always tense, so a giant garden version would definitely take things to the next level. This tumble tower from Uber Games is a must have outdoor wedding game – make sure your photographer snaps lots of pictures of your guests’ reactions when the tower falls.

Giant Jenga outdoor wedding game

Kite Flying

You’ll need to make sure you have the right weather for this activity but it would certainly make for some lovely pictures. This is a fun one for the kids as they could get creative and make their own kites – with a prize given for the most colourful one.


This is an easy one to pull off if you’re looking for classic outdoor wedding games. Simply grab a Twister mat, kick off your shoes and get playing. We challenge you not to laugh as you watch all your relatives get tangled up!

Giant Connect Four

Kids and adults alike will enjoy a game of Connect Four, and a giant outdoor version will take things up a notch. Vintage games, like this oversized Connect Four from a wedding at Deans Court, will take guests right back to their childhood.

Connect Four outdoor wedding game

Sack Race

Take your guests back to their school sports days with a super competitive sack race. This game guarantees some hilarious moments – especially after one or two glasses of bubbly.

Egg and Spoon Race

This is another school sports day classic. Just make sure that your venue is okay with eggs being splattered all over their lawn – otherwise, use plastic balls as a substitute that won’t create any mess. Oh, and make sure there’s no cheating going on with guests sticking their eggs to their spoons.

Bobbing for Doughnuts

As if we need an excuse to eat doughnuts, this outdoor wedding game is both delicious and fun. Tie each doughnut on a string and hang from a tree. Then your guests need to keep their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to retrieve the doughnut (and eat it afterwards of course).


Forget the first dance, how about a first game of swingball as a married couple? Your venue may be able to provide the swingball game, but if not then they’re fairly cheap to buy from various home stores.

Swingball outdoor lawn game

Image credit: Sam & Louise

Space Hopper Race

For a slight variation on the sack race, a space hopper race will provide similar laughs and is one that both adults and kids can enjoy. Prizes should be arranged for the winners and the losers should do a forfeit decided by the bride and groom.

Treasure Hunt

If your venue has spacious gardens or grounds with lots of ittle nooks and crannies, then a treasure hunt is a fantastic game to play. If you’ve got wedding favours for the children, such as chocolate coins or jars of sweets, then leaving them in various outdoor hiding places for the little ones to find would be a great way to entertain them.

Beat the Buzzer

How cool is this vintage style game of ‘beat the buzzer’? This notoriously tense game will be an ice breaker for the reception guests as they try to make it to the end of the game without setting off the buzzer. You could also add to the theme with other props, such as old fashioned circus signs and retro carnival games.

Carnival outdoor wedding games

Image credit: Green Button Photography

Apple Bobbing

If you love the idea of a Halloween themed wedding, then you could set the spooky atmosphere with some traditional wedding games like apple bobbing. Of course, this game would also be fun to play at a summer celebration too.

Noughts and Crosses

If you’re trying to think of outdoor wedding games that are suitable for wedding guests of all ages, then how about a good old game of noughts and crosses? This wooden noughts and crosses game from Garden Selections is an oversized version of the original that would be great for playing outdoors.

Classic wedding games

Image credit: Garden Selections at Not on the High Street


If you’re lucky enough to be having a wedding on the beach, get the party going with a game of limbo on the sands. This limbo set from Uber Games will certainly get everyone giggling and saying goodbye to their inhibitions.

Limbo game

Image credit: Garden Selections at Not on the High Street

Horseshoe Tossing

A horseshoe is known as a good luck symbol for newlyweds, so highlight this wedding tradition with a game of horseshoe tossing. This competitive game can be played anywhere – all you need are some horseshoes and a stick in the ground to throw them at.


This wooden skittles set from Uber Games is the perfect lawn game for all ages. Show everyone your bowling skills and go for a strike!

Wooden skittles game

Image credit: Uber Games at Not on the High Street

Giant Chess

A giant chess set at your reception will be sure to draw attention from your guests. Not only is the game fun to play, the eye catching monochrome colours will also make a nice decorative touch. There are lots of places online to buy a giant chess set, but it’s also worth checking with your venue to see if they already have this outdoor game.

Lawn Croquet

This classic outdoor game would be perfect for a wedding in the countryside, plus it’s easy to set up on pretty much anywhere that has grass. The Curradine Barns venue in the West Midlands is the ideal setting for a game of croquet thanks to its pretty gardens.

Lawn croquet for weddings

Image credit: Gemma Williams Photography

Hula Hooping

A slightly unusual choice of outdoor wedding game but a fun one nonetheless. Hula hooping is a great game to play at a summer or beach wedding, plus you can snap some great pictures of your guests doing their best hoola! Turn it into a competition by seeing who can hoola for the longest.

Cocktail Making

Why not turn your reception drinks into a fun outdoor wedding game? Have a cocktail making station set up outside and challenge your guests to use their best mixing skills. The winner is the one who has the tastiest and best looking wedding cocktail – so don’t forget to provide extras such as colourful straws, fruit and umbrellas.

Cocktail wedding reception

Image credit: Extraordinary Days

Bunting Making

If you’re planning a vintage wedding, choose a game to highlight the theme such as a bunting making competition. Guests of all ages will love getting creative with their own bunting and they could even take it home afterwards as a wedding favour. If this activity will involve mess then just be wary of your white dress!

Wedding bunting

If you’re looking for a rustic, outdoor place to hold your wedding, then why not consider one of the venues from our tent, tipi and yurt wedding venues guide.


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