Girls, you have to work hard at being wed
It’s not just about what you do in bed!
You have to compromise in this life
From wife to husband and husband to wife

He isn’t perfect (they never are!)
He’ll cherish you less than he does his new car
He won’t do the dishes or pick up his smalls
He’ll belch and fart and scratch his balls

He won’t give you flowers or take you out
Still drinks with his mates, what’s that all about?
But don’t constantly shout, give him a break
Just go with the flow, you must give and take

Cause you’re no saint either, just remember that
You won’t change the wheel when the tyre’s flat
‘I’ve just done my nails’, he’ll hear you sigh
Then you’ll render him speechless with a little cry

And girls when you argue, fight and scrap
Just remember why you married your lovely chap
Your knees still go weak when he cracks a smile
He’s your Mr Wonderful, wins hands down by a mile!

So remember to always have a laugh together
To face challenges head on whatever the weather
Talk and talk and talk some more
Make home your sanctuary, behind that front door

For forty long years I’ve now been wed
But I wouldn’t change a thing it has to be said
There’s been pain and heartache, dark moments and all
But we’ve come through it together and we’re still having a ball!

By Denise Jones
Southport, Merseyside

This poem was selected as a winner of a nationwide poetry competition run by Marriott Hotels in March 2011.