Wakey wakey open your eyes,
Today is the best day in both of our lives.
Today we’ll be joined in matrimony,
Us together my Princess, you and Me.

Climb out of bed my darling and begin to dress,
I know today you’re sure to impress,
With a flowing outfit I am longing to see,
Made more perfect with your glowing, natural beauty.

Your hair’s been done perfect, your make up too,
Soon we’ll be married and my dreams will come true.
At the church I’ll be waiting for you to arrive,
To begin the new chapter of the rest of our lives.

There at the church I eagerly wait,
For you to arrive of course fashionably late,
Over the brow the car does appear,
Soon you’ll be in my arms with nothing to fear.

The Wedding March begins the room filled with pride,
To see the joining of love between myself and my bride,
As you walk down the aisle the emotion is felt,
And as my eyes fixes upon you my heart does melt.

The ceremony begins and love fills the air,
The love we feel for each other so pure so rare,
With tears in our eyes we say our I do’s,
And promise to each other this love we won’t lose.

The ceremonies over, the register is signed,
The woman I’ve married I was lucky to find,
Next to the reception where good times awaits,
To celebrate the love of two perfect soulmates.

At the reception the food begins to arrive,
On each table conversations are alive,
Two families mixing and be-coming one,
New friends and acquaintances now the welcomes are done.

Soon are the speeches from best man and co.,
With smiles and warmth from laughter in flow,
Then with the toasts to us the two,
I gaze and feel my full love for you.

Now the first dance in front of our guests,
Stood close together chest to chest,
The music is flowing my heart begins to pull,
My wife in my arms my life is now full.

The evening begins and the drinks start to flow,
Everyone’s dancing and enjoying the show,
But times getting on and the room starts to empty,
We thank them for coming and sharing emotions a-plenty.

The evening draws to a close and soon it will end,
But never will our love with me and my best friend,
Our memories of this day will last forever so true,
And remember my wife I will always love you!

By Craig Astley
Swansea, Wales

This poem was selected as a runner-up of a nationwide poetry competition run by Marriott Hotels in March 2011.