47 Fun and Unique Wedding Table Name Ideas

Trying to think of unique table names for your wedding? We've got 47 unique ideas that are so much more fun than numbers!


Thinking up creative table names is a fun way to add personality to your wedding and to refelct you both as a couple. Whether you choose wedding table names that embrace your wedding theme or opt for something silly to add even more fun to your wedding reception, let this list of 47 table name ideas inspire you.

Fun table name ideas

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1. Are you both lovers of TV or movie buffs? How about names of your favourite movies?

2. Sticking with the movie theme, how about the names of your favourite actors or actresses?

3. Choose writers of romantic poems and put a poem from that author on the back of each menu or place setting.

4. If you both love sweets then how about a different sweet table name with a bowl of them in the centre of the table? It’s an easy wedding centrepiece idea too!

5. Specific dates — with the reason of the specific date explained on the table.

6. Love music? How about your favourite music groups, bands, or DJs.

Music themed wedding table names

7. Or, the names of your favourite ever songs? It can give your guests a hint to the wedding party playlist.

8. If you’re having a book themed wedding then the title of your favourite books could be ideal — with a centre piece of books piled high.

9. Your favourite Disney or cartoon characters.

10. Why not go historic and opt for the knights of the round table?

Knights of the round table themed wedding table names

11. The names of football clubs makes sense if you’re marrying at a sports themed venue or if you love football!

12. Have 12 tables? Try different months of the year — with the top table being the month of the wedding.

13. Capital cities from around the world with ‘Where in the world are you sitting?’ on the top of the table plan.

14. Destinations that you wish to travel together in the future – perhaps it could be honeymoon inspiration!

Location inspired wedding table name

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15. Table names of streets or locations that you’ve lived together.

City inspired wedding table name

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16. Having a beach themed wedding? How about seaside related table names such as Ice Lolly or Sand Castle.

17. Names of flowers — maybe chosen from your bouquet?

18. The top locations where you spent your favourite dates.

19. Do you love the great outdoors? How about the names of birds, trees or plants.

Nature inspired wedding table names

Image credit: Millbank and Kent Contemporary Wedding Stationery

20. The names of luxurious designers such as Louis Vuitton or Coco Chanel.

21. If you’re getting married in a castle then how about the names of historic kings and queens.

22. Famous artists including Picasso, Van Gogh or Andy Warhol.

23. Names of children’s books or characters from them.

24. Why not go intellectual and pick famous philosophers? 

Philosophy inspired table names

25. Different names of wine or other alcohol with a bottle as the centrepiece.

26. National Parks from around the UK

27. If you love your pet go for different breeds of that animal.

28. International words for ‘love’.

29. Names of your favourite cocktails.

Cocktail inspired wedding table names

30. Top spots around the city or town you’re getting married in.

31. Names of famous beaches around the world.

32. Iconic buildings around the world.

33. The cast names from your favourite soap or TV show.

34. Words that mean something to you both such as hope, joy and laughter.

35. Names of animals from a zoo.

36. Different colours with a coordinated colour scheme for the table.

37. Having a vintage themed wedding? What about words such as lace, antique or classic.

38. Perhaps illustrations or photos instead table names instead of words might work for you.

39. Lyrics from your favourite songs — the top table can be your first dance.

40. The ingredients that make a marriage perfect; trust, passion, friendship etc.

41. Names of retro games with a pile of games as centrepieces for guests to play.

42. Wedding at Christmas? How about festive words such as Angel, Santa or Snow. All of the reindeers will help you along the way!

43. Horse fans? Names of horses that have won famous races in the past.

44. What about your favourite foods?

Food inspired wedding table names

Image credit: Millbank and Kent Contemporary Wedding Stationery

45. Different types of fruit with a centrepiece that relates to it.

46. Words related to your wedding venue – whether it’s people who lived there, what you can do there or just words to describe it.

47. Try cheeses, which will then later be offered on your evening buffet or as part of a cheese wedding cake.

Once you’ve decided on your wedding table names, you can get working on the table plan!


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