20 Unusual Wedding Hire Items

Unusual items to hire for your wedding


If you want to make your wedding day really memorable, take a look at our top 20 unusual wedding hire items for a unique twist on the traditional wedding reception. Whisk your guests away to your own private island, or arrive in style in a fabulous film car, there are so many ways to personalise your big day, you just need a bit of imagination and some creative wedding suppliers!



  1. Living Tables

    Two birds, one stone, ‘living’ tables double up as décor and catering. Featuring a waitress in fancy dress serving champagne from the centre of a round table, the living table then circulates around the room, table and all.

  2. Vintage China

    If you’re having a vintage wedding theme then why not hire a full vintage crockery set including cups, saucers, tea pots, cake stands and more to create a full blown wedding tea party!


  1. Hedge Men

    Living topiary’s stand still as a statue, then bust a move to create fits of giggles! A perfect edition to a magical Alice in Wonderland theme.

  2. Mermaids

    Beautiful women dressed as mermaids, they look as though they’ve come straight out of a Disney movie. Hire ‘real life’ Mermaids to help set the scene at your seaside themed wedding.

  3. Freak Show Act

    For the ultimate wedding stunt, why not gross your guests out with a crazy freak show. Acts can include ‘The Bed of Nails’ and ‘Snake Charming’; sure to give your guests an evening to remember, as long as everything goes to plan!

  4. Caricaturist

    Hire a caricaturist to sketch out your guests portraits on the night, they could also take these home as a favour!

  5. Arcade Games

    Entertainment is a must for weddings, and you’re sure to keep everyone, young and old, happy with arcade games. You can hire anything, from a giant dance machine, to big screen Nintendo-Wii; just be careful that everyone doesn’t get too competitive!

  6. Inflatables

    Chances are you’ll have kids at your wedding, so keeping them entertained is a must if you want to enjoy your day. Search the internet for some weird and wacky inflatables, including a classic bouncy castle to a giant dinosaur slide, perfect for your… Jurassic themed reception?


  1. Hog Roast

    These have become a popular choice in weddings recently, but there’s still something quite startling about seeing a whole pig cooking rotisserie style on an open fire!

  2. Wedding Cake

    A good tip for the budget conscious bride; hire out a ‘dummy’ wedding cake for photos and serve a simple sponge. Just make sure you don’t accidently cut into the polystyrene layer whilst taking your photos!

  3. Beverage Fountain

    You may be ‘over’ chocolate fountains (although we think no-one will ever get bored of the genius that is a fountain full of chocolate!), so try hiring a beverage fountain. You can fill them with Champagne and top with strawberries for a decadent treat.

  4. Ferrero Rocher Stand

    Hire a rotating Ferrero Rocher pyramid! Or a romantic heart shape, or even have a Ferror Rocher cake stand for an extra yummy addition to your wedding cake.


  1. Wedding dress

    The super saver brides amongst you can hire your wedding dress for a few hundred pounds, rather than a few thousand. Take a look at our article on Rent-A-Dress for a budget friendly approach to wedding dress shopping.

  2. Groomswear

    Rather than buy a full blown suit for the groom — and his party — why not hire everything from a local supplier. Whatever supplier you choose should be able to provide you with a variety of sizes, catering for all of the men in your grooms party. Gets creative as you like when hiring groomswear; from white wedding suits to tartan trousers!

  3. Bridal Jewellery

    Rent bridal jewellery for a fraction of the cost and have your own Pretty Woman moment with a stunning diamond necklace and earring set.


  1. A bridesmaid

    Bizarrely, this is a right little earner for student Xu Lisha, who has hired herself out as a bridesmaid for several weddings. At the moment her business is limited to China, but she’s looking to expand so watch out UK!

  2. Paparazzi

    If you’re going for full-on celebrity glamour at your wedding, you can rent paparazzi to snap away as you walk into your reception venue…

  3. Celebs

    …Take this to the next level and hire a celeb lookalike to welcome your guests. They’ll provide great photo ops and might even fool a few people if they’re really convincing!

  4. Star Cars

    Film and TV buffs can rent out a whole range of famous and fun transport. Try the Transformer’s Bumblebee, Harry Potter’s Flying Ford Anglia, or most appropriately, vintage 60s Beetle, Herbie the Love Bug.

  5. Private Island

    If you want a celeb style, private island destination wedding, you can hire your own island. That’s right, a whole island! Locations are available across the globe including Canada, Belize and Spain.


As we all know, the internet is full of weird and wonderful things, so get searching for the wackiest next addition to your wedding day in the hitched.co.uk suppliers directory.