Sensational Semi Naked Wedding Cakes: Something For Every Wedding Theme

We have a selection of semi naked wedding cakes with everything from rustic desserts to glamorous creations that are too good to eat!


A huge 2016 wedding trend was the rise of the naked wedding cake which took rustic weddings by a storm.

Here at hitched, we’re predicting that semi naked wedding cakes (naked wedding cake's slightly more modest sister) is the next ‘almost iced’ cake trend to take over and we have the most gorgeous examples to convince you with.

Frosty Semi Naked Wedding Cake

If you and your partner are on the hunt for a super stylish winter wedding cake that’s ahead of the trends, then this is it. It has such a crisp finish and the combination of white buttercream icing and peach roses is pure genius.

frosty semi naked cake

Wedding Cake: Pret A Cake

Pink Semi Naked Wedding Cake

Add a bit of colour to your wedding sweet treats with a cake like this fun pink design. The technical skill is so apparent and we love the unusual combination of such a strong pink colour mixed with green leaves – it really stands out. If you are having macaron wedding favours, this cake will definitely tie in with that and the two can complement each other.

pink semi naked wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Juniper Cakery

Lemon and Lime Semi Naked Wedding Cake

Couples having a summer wedding will love this fruity semi naked cake. The heavy floral decoration is accompanied with lemons and limes which give it a zesty feel and the bed of greenery it sits on sets the scene perfectly.

lemon and lime semi naked cake

Wedding Cake: Jill The Cakemaker

All White Semi Naked Wedding Cake

If your dream wedding is an all-white theme, this type of cake could be your perfect match. The way the icing has been spread gives it a slight industrial look whilst the flowers keep it feminine and pretty.

all white wedding cake

Wedding Cake: The Abigail Bloom Cake Company

Gold Semi Naked Wedding Cake

As if gold wedding cakes weren’t beautiful enough… Combining the glam colour of this cake with the semi-naked icing technique, ivory flowers and gold foil embellishments is a recipe for something really special and that’s exactly what this cake is. We love the collaboration of rustic and modern, this design is totally unique.

gold semi naked wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Edible Art Cakes

Rustic Semi Naked Wedding Cake

This wedding cake has a really rustic feel to it. Everything from the wooden cake stand to the woodland leaves and flowers is perfectly placed and we love the darker tone of the sponge that you can see through the icing – it makes for a really lovely finish.

rustic semi naked wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Bake Rattle N Roll

Single Tier Semi Naked Wedding Cake

When a cake is this beautifully made, one tier is more than enough. The gorgeous rose and macaron toppers keep the design looking as pretty and as perfect as ever. What a stunning single tier wedding cake we have here.

single tier semi naked cake

Wedding Cake: Juniper Cakery

Semi Naked Drip Wedding Cake

It wasn’t that long ago that we gathered together the best drip wedding cakes for you, and now we’ve found one that combines the dreamy drip style with our new favourite semi-naked trend. The cake is mostly covered by a champagne coloured icing that’s been very lightly spread with bits of the cake still showing. The addition of popcorn is just perfect and we can only imagine how incredible the cake tastes!

semi naked drip wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Edible Art Cakes

Lace Adorned Semi Naked Wedding Cake

Lace wedding cakes come in all different shapes and sizes, but it’s rare you’ll find a semi naked wedding cake with lace aspects. This talented cake maker has managed to infuse the two styles and the result is truly something lovely to look at – and taste!

lace semi naked wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Jill The Cake Maker

Ivory Semi Naked Wedding Cake

What a magnificent wedding cake this is. The icing varies in thickness which adds to the cake’s character. If your wedding theme is all about being stylish, simple and elegant, then this cake would fit in perfectly, and with four gorgeous tiers, it’s guaranteed to feed plenty of your guests.

ivory semi naked wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Cookie Delicious

Blackberry Semi Naked Wedding Cake

We love the simplicity of this cake design. Some cakes have lots of embellishment, floral garments and fruit to balance out the lack of icing but this creation works so well with just a few winter branches and some blackberries. Spotting the occasional bit of gold foiling is a nice surprise as you look at the cake and we just wish we got the chance to taste it.

blackberry semi naked wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Jill The Cake Maker

Semi Naked Wedding Cake With White Flowers

This wedding cake is elegant in its appearance. The all-white theme is really stylish and we like the way this cake maker has arranged all of the flowers together in one bunch, it makes the cake more formal and fancy!

semi naked wedding cake with flowers

Wedding Cake: Bake Rattle N Roll

Semi Naked Wedding Cake With Macarons

This semi naked wedding cake is the perfect combination pretty and glamorous. The gold gives it the high-end look all brides want, whilst the pink and cream add the chic prettiness that is so wedding-perfect. We love the addition of macarons, gold leaves and pink roses – we wouldn’t change a thing if we could.

semi naked wedding cake with macarons

Wedding Cake: Juniper Cakery

Semi Naked Wedding Cake With Rustic Vibes

This rustic wedding cake has been joined by three beautiful autumnal flower arrangements on its body, and an even prettier one as its cake topper. The red and orange tones in the flowers are warm and the overall look of the cake would look perfect in a woodland wedding venue.

semi naked wedding cake for autumn

Wedding Cake: Fancie Buns Cakery

Woodland Themed Semi Naked Wedding Cake

Keeping in with the woodland wedding ideas, this beautiful dessert is also ideal for an outdoor themed wedding. The cake topper itself shows how perfect it is for couples who love the outdoors and we love the extra additions like the unique botanical arrangements and tree-trunk cake stand.

woodland themed semi naked wedding cake

Wedding Cake: Jill The Cake Maker

Two Tier Semi Naked Wedding Cake

Cute as a button, this two tier wedding cake is neatly semi-iced and it looks like perfection. The cake stand is an exquisite design, a very tasteful choice for such a demure cake that looks absolutely delicious.

two tier semi naked cake

Wedding Cake: Pret A Cake

For more amazing inspiration, be sure to check out our incredible gallery of wedding cakes with thousands of exciting ideas.


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