Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker Before You Book

Before you pay your deposit, take a look at these essential questions you should be asking your cake maker


When it comes to booking your cake maker, there are a few essential questions you need to ask before you sign on the dotted line. Take a look at our list of must-ask questions to talk through with your wedding cake maker before you pay your deposit.

Questions to ask your wedding cake maker

How many weddings cakes do you schedule per day?

Your cake maker may cater for more than one wedding per day and be experienced enough to do so. It may just give you peace on mind to see how many cakes they are used to making per day.

Is a cake tasting included in the price?

Ask your cake maker if they are willing to arrange a wedding cake tasting before you commit to paying for your wedding cake. There are so many different flavours of wedding cake so you’ll need to try a few to pick your favourites, and it’s also handy to be able to sample their handiwork to make sure it tastes as good as it looks.

What filling and cake flavours do you offer?

If you have your heart set on a particular flavour then make sure it’s available to order and check if it comes at an extra cost.

Do you have experience making custom wedding cakes?

Your wedding cake maker might have a portfolio of tried and tested cakes for you to browse through, but if you want something unique it’s best to ask them if they have any experience making bespoke wedding cakes. If they don’t usually work from a custom design it might be quite a challenge for them.

How many years have you been making wedding cakes and how many wedding cakes have you made?

More experienced wedding cake makers will come at more of a premium, so strike a balance between your budget and the complexity of the cake you want.

Can I see your portfolio and did you make all the cakes included in it?

Ask to see a portfolio of your cake maker’s work. It’s a good sign to see a variety of wedding cakes in lots of different settings – this shows they’ve got lots of experience and can be creative.

When will you be making my wedding cake?

Find out when they intend to make the wedding cake. Wedding cakes are typically made some days ahead of the wedding, but you don’t want it done too far in advance as it won’t be as fresh as it can be on the day. Ideally the cake should be baked in around a week before the wedding. You don’t want the cake to be made too last minute either though as there will be less time to correct mistakes, should any crop up.

Will you deliver my wedding cake and set it up?

It’s important to establish with your cake maker who will deliver the wedding cake. Will they do it or will you need to send someone to collect it? You should also find out if they’ll set up the cake at your venue or if that’s down to you too – if you need to do it you should brief your wedding coordinator so they can make sure they’re ready for that.

Will I need to provide a cake stand and knife?

Some cake makers will include a stand and cake knife in the overall price and some won’t so make sure you know what you need to provide.

Wedding cake knife

Image Credit: La De Da Wedding

If a stand and knife are provided, do you collect these or do we need to return them?

See if your cake maker will pick up any hired items the next day or if this is something you need to arrange yourselves.

Are there any additional charges not included in the price?

Find out from your cake makers whether they want deposits for wedding cake stands, pillars or cake toppers. If they come with your cake it’s likely they will want them back and in the same condition you received them in, so they may charge a deposit to cover themselves.

Does the price include VAT?

Some cake makers may quote you a price that doesn’t include VAT, if you are unsure then ask before you pay your deposit.

When do we need to finalise the order?

If you are prone to changing your mind then it’s essential you know the absolute last date you can make any amendments.

When do we need to make the final payment?

Make sure you are clear on when you need to make your final payment and schedule it into your diary.

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