Women's Dress Size Chart: How To Measure Yourself For A Wedding Dress

Whether you're trying to find your dress size in inches or what size a 34 inch waist is, here's the measurements you need to know


Every woman knows that dress sizes vary notoriously between shops so it can be difficult to know exactly what size your body is or what that translates to in inches.

It's even more confusing with bridalwear as it's not uncommon for wedding attire to come up slightly smaller than regular women's clothing.

Dress fitting

Whether you're a bride-to-be who is ordering their wedding dress online, needs to know their bridesmaid's dress size in inches for fittings, or wants to compare their measurements to a dress designer's size chart, we've compiled this handy size guide for you.

Our dress size chart will help you find out your waist, bust and hips size depending on your measurements, as well as your UK dress size. So if you want to know what a size 12 waist in inches, a size 14 waist in inches or a size 16 waist in inches is and so on is, then this will help! We've also provided a visual guide for exactly how to measure yourself.

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How To Read The Chart

Measuring your waist for a wedding dress

You can use the chart if you know you're a size 16 to see what your waist is in inches, or measure yourself and work out what dress size that makes you.

For wedding dresses, each dress designer is likely to have a standard inches-to-dress size guide that is specific to them.

Once you have your measurements, it's easy to compare them to a size guide from your chosen bridalwear designer, for example.  

If you come up with a size 14 bust, size 12 waist in inches and size 16 hips, we recommend you go for a size 16 and get the rest of your dress altered down to fit your body. This will be most flattering on your body, and it's important to feel as comfortable as possible on your big day.

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How To Measure 

Now here's the important bit - how to actually measure yourself!

There are three key points: your bust, waist and hips. You should measure against your body, not through clothes, to get the most accurate measurements. Use a flexible tape measure and make sure it's not too tight or too loose.

Hitched Women's Dress Size Measuring Guide

Bust (1): Measure around the fullest part of your bust, ensuring the tape measure is straight across your back. 

Waist (2): Measure around the smallest part of your waist. To find this, bend to one side like a teapot and where the crease forms is your natural waist.

Hips (3): With your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hips, usually 20cm down from the natural waistline.

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Hitched's Women's Dress Size Guide

These are the most common measurements for a woman whose height is 5'6" (168cm) and go from a UK size 4 to a size 26.

However, these measurements should only be used as a guide because - as we know - fit varies depending on cut, fabric, style and brand!

4 31" 24" 33"
78cm 60cm 83.5cm
6 32" 25" 34"
80.5cm 62.5cm 86cm
8 33" 26" 35"
83cm 65cm 88.5cm
10 35" 28" 37"
88cm 70cm 93.5cm
12 37" 28" 39"
93cm 75cm 98.5cm
14 39" 31" 41"
98cm 80cm 103.5cm
16 41" 33" 43"
103cm 85cm 108.5cm
18 44" 36" 46"
110.5cm 92.5cm 116.5cm
20 46" 39" 49"
116cm 98cm 123.5cm
22 48" 41" 51"
123cm 105cm 130.5cm
24 51" 44" 54"
130cm 112cm 137.5cm
26 54" 47" 57"
137cm 119cm 144.5cm

You'll find petite (normally for women under 5'3") and tall (over 5'9") ranges will differ proportionally to fit shorter or taller body shapes, so remember to take your height into account.

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