The Smartest Tungsten Wedding Rings For Men and Women

Tungsten is an amazing wedding material for so many reasons and we have the most varied selection to prove to you exactly why we're right


Chosing your wedding rings can be super hard, but we have one material which is bound to impress you!

tungsten wedding rings

Why Tungsten? 

- It is like the worlds strongest man, but in metals. 

- Only diamonds can scratch it, and even that is rare. 

- It is durable and will literally last forever.

- It gives an amazing wedding ring shape and looks super smart!

We have a fabulous selection of tungsten wedding rings for you and it has everything from sets, to mens and even womens. You will be plesantly surprised. 

Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets

This set of tungsten wedding rings are really well suited for couples who don’t want silver or gold wedding bands and want something a little brighter. Rose gold and tungsten carbide are a great combination and we love the diamond faceted texture.

rose gold rings

If you want to make a statement with your wedding rings, why not opt for this funky tungsten pair? They have a really unique abalone inlay and is made in a super comfy barrel style fit. It is perfect for couples with an active life as it is made from scratch-resistant tungsten which is four times harder than titanium.

patterned rings

These wedding bands are far from your average. Straight away, the shape stands out from most other wedding rings and that is why we are such fans. The style allows one ring to fit into the other which is a romantic way to represent your marriage and the rings that you’ll wear forever.

wavy tungsten wedding rings

Add a bit of bling to your wedding bands with this set of Vienna inlay, Swiss crystal wedding rings in rose gold. They are a nice alternative to the more common tungsten designs and we love the bit of bling it sports.

rose gold diamond rings

The brush effect of this wedding band set is very stylish and we love the way the texture changes throughout the design. This design is perfect for your wedding rings as it is neither too masculine, nor too feminine for couples who want matching bands.

brush rose gold rings

Tungsten Wedding Rings for Women

We are so obsessed with this tungsten women’s wedding ring. The meteorite inlay is super glamorous and perfect for a bride who loves the glitz and glamour of jewellery, but wants more of a statement piece than something dainty.

glamorous womens ring

Diamond rings aren’t every bride’s cup of tea, and it is very fashionable these days for women to wear bulkier rings – just like this gorgeous tungsten band. It has a really funky inlay silvery pattern and is perfect for modern brides.

silver checkered ring

This ring really is out of this world. The rose gold is Ion plated – this means that it’s embedded with tungsten and won’t scratch. The pink camo inlay is super different and daring which is exactly what we love in bridal jewellery.

rose gold patterene d

The simplicity of this ring is the true beauty of it. Tungsten as a material is very often used for chunky and quite bold pieces of jewellery; however this wedding ring is slender and feminine.

simple silver band

Another slimmer tungsten wedding ring and this time it is a gold wedding band. The fact that you can have such a dainty ring made from such a sustainable and ruthless material really is a huge benefit and we would highly advise it!

smil gold ring

Black rings aren’t usually associated with weddings, but we just can’t help thinking how amazing this would look with a gothic wedding dress and some funky nail art. Our imagination is running away with us and yours should be too.

black wedding ring woman

Glamorous brides will fall head over heels for this rose gold women’s wedding ring. It has all the sparkle that you need to shine bright for your entire marital life!

rose gold womans ring

This women’s tungsten wedding ring is so feminine and such a pretty colour. Rose gold is a serious trend and we are loving this 18K gold plated wedding band. Maybe we could just buy it for, you know, special occasions?

rose gold thin ring

Tungsten Wedding Rings for Men 

We love the class of this striped ring from H. Samuel. It is sleek, stylish and masculine – everything you would want in your man’s wedding band. The bright silver shine makes it easy to match to your engagement ring if you’ve also opted for a silver band.

h samuel ring

This luxe tungsten men’s wedding band would totally suit a rustic groom. The distressed texture adds character to the piece of jewellery and is set aside from your average wedding band.

distressed mens ring

We love the collaboration of tungsten carbide and white tungsten to make this two-tone durable ring. The style is just as great as the quality and we guarantee your man will be impressed.

silver and rose gold mens ring

This black wedding ring is a huge statement and is perfect for grooms with an alternative style who don’t want to get married with a stereotypical wedding band.

black mens ring

Ernest Jones offer a fashionable tungsten wedding ring with brushed detail and modern lines which cover the whole ring – and the best thing about this design is that it will never scratch.

brushed silver ring

We think this black and gold tungsten ring is so smart looking. The contrast in colour is unique and it will look so amazing with an all-black suit and any other outfit for that matter. You can even get it engraved – romantic!

black and yellow ring

Simple and understated, yet smooth and luxurious – what more could a man want in his wedding band? We love this style and brides who are sporting a rose gold engagement ring can enjoy matching their other half.

rose gold plain ring

Yellow, grey and black all group together in this design from H. Samuel to create something that is well worthy of a man’s wedding ring. The tungsten in three different colours looks amazing and really sleek.

black grey and yellow ring

Wedding rings don’t get much more glam than this one and some men need glam in their lives. The bright gold tungsten wedding band is so dapper and prestige – we’d put our other halves in this any day.

bright gold mens ring

If you are still unsure about what type of wedding rings to go for, check out our guide to ring metals. We have everything you need to know!


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