Temporary Engagement Rings: 47 Proposal Rings to Pop the Question With

Want to propose but choose the engagement ring together? We've picked our favourite placeholder rings to propose with!


Proposing is probably quite scary. Even if you have an awesome proposal idea, people will look at you and your partner might say no or – eek – they might say yes but secretly hate the engagement ring that’s been picked for them.

There’s a lot of pressure. So why not propose with a temporary engagement ring? We’ve rounded up our favourite ‘placeholder’ engagement rings that can be used for the proposal and keep your real engagement ring’s place on your finger warm until you’ve found it.

Morganite and Diamond Rose Gold Ring – Gemporia

If you love rose gold, then morganite is the perfect accompaniment. The rosy hue suits the warm toned metal perfectly, and this ring, which has sparkly diamonds around the centre stone, costs just £115 from Gemporia.

Morganite and diamond proposal ring from Gemporia

Morganite and White Zircon Ring – Gemporia

Has the mention of morganite got your pulse racing? What about this striking triangular shaped morganite ring, set with white zircon in a rose gold band? It’s definitely engagement ring worthy, whether it’s temporary or not and costs £101.

Morganite temporary engagement ring from Gemporia

Mini Icon Ring – Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke’s mini icon ring comes in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, so there’s an option for everyone. It features two circles of light grey diamond pave and is so dainty and sparkly that you’ll want to rock it on your right hand once you’ve shopped for your forever engagement ring. At £450, it’s a reasonable price point for 14k gold and diamonds.

Mini icon placeholder proposal rings from Astley Clarke in various metals

Mini Cosmos Ring – Astley Clarke

If you want a more contemporary take on the mini icon ring above, consider the mini cosmos ring which has a metal centre. It comes in rose gold (£350) or sterling silver (£125). Both are great options for proposing with!

Mini cosmo proposal rings from Astley Clarke

Sparkling Love Knot Ring – Pandora

Make it clear that you want to tie the knot by proposing with this sparkling love knot ring from Pandora. It costs £50 and is made from sterling silver with cubic zirconia embellishments.

Love knot proposal ring from Pandora

Dew Drop in the Wild Garnet & Quartz Ring – Chupi

If you know your partner would appreciate an alternative engagement ring, this garnet and quartz ring from Chupi may go from placeholder to permanent! Costing around £295 (prices originally in Euros), it will become a treasured piece.

Rose quartz and garnet proposal ring

Ratankiri Zircon Ring – Gemporia

Why not go classic with a solitaire? This 1.04ct zircon is set in a 9K gold band and costs just £53. Your bride might love it so much that it becomes promoted to the actual engagement ring!

Zircon solitaire temporary engagement ring

Sokoto Aquamarine Ring – Gemporia

This 9K gold ring features a pretty aquamarine stone and is a dainty alternative to the temporary engagement ring above. It costs £52. If you like it but want to add a personal twist, consider choosing your partner’s birthstone instead of the aquamarine.

Aquamarine solitaire proposal ring

Delicate Heart Ring – Pandora

This delicate heart ring from Pandora will suit dainty fingers. You can choose from a clear, pink or red centre stone and once you’ve found your forever engagement ring, use this £35 ring as part of a stacking set.

Delicate stacking heart ring from Pandora

Vintage Style Ratanakiri Zircon Ring – Gemporia

If you think the sparklier the better then consider this zircon ring from Gemporia. It costs £103 and features shiny zircon with a surround of 16 smaller zircon stones.

Vintage style proposal ring

Heart Alpha Ring – Daisy London

Keep it simple with this pretty stacking ring from Daisy London (£37). It is made from sterling silver with a 18K gold plated heart and can be worn on its own, or dressed up with other stacking rings after the proposal.

Heart stacking ring for a temporary engagement ring

Thai Ruby and Diamond Gold Vermeil Ring – Gemporia

This is a striking ring to propose with, especially if your partner can’t resist rubies. It features a 1.82ct Thai ruby (a great choice if you get engaged in Thailand, or even just over a candlelit Thai meal) with diamonds dotted around the pear-shaped setting. It’s also just £57.99.

Pear shaped vintage style ruby engagement ring

Three Stone Ring – FeatherOak

This copper ring features three diamond quartz stones, making it the perfect temporary engagement ring – it’s got the quintessential diamond detail and is definitely pretty enough to be worn on your left hand. The price starts from £40 and it’s something that can be worn time and time again after you’ve chosen a permanent engagement ring.

Diamond quartz trio proposal ring

Serenite and White Zircon Gold Ring – Gemporia

This striking ring is perfect for a woman who likes to be different. It’s made from 9K gold and has 2.12cts of beautiful serenite and white zircon, which resemble yellow and white diamonds. This unusual ring costs £117.

Serenite temporary engagement ring

Iota Heart Rose Gold Ring – Daisy London

Is your partner not one for sparkle? This rose gold ring features a beautiful heart made from daisies, in sterling silver covered with 18K gold rose plating. It costs just £39 and is too adorable to resist. It also comes in sterling silver with yellow gold plated centres.

Heart shaped daisy chain ring

Chrome Diopside and White Zircon Ring – Gemporia

Does your partner lust after Kate Middleton’s impressive engagement ring? If so, it’s a safe bet to go for a vintage style ring like this one from Gemporia. It costs £71.99 and features white zircon and chrome diopside centre stone, set in 9K gold.

Vintage style diopside proposal ring

Little Heart Ring – Astley Clarke

Make it clear how much you ‘heart’ your partner with this cute Astley Clarke ring. The diamonds are set in a heart shape in 14k yellow gold. It costs £395 and can be worn as part of a stackable set after you’ve chosen an engagement ring together.

Heart shaped proposal ring

Statement Sparkling Ring – Pandora

This sparkler is ideal to propose with – it looks way more expensive than it is (£90) and will keep the wedding finger warm until you find your ideal engagement ring. It also comes with a pink centre stone, if you fancy a pop of colour.

sparkling statement ring from Pandora

Drop in the Wild Quartz and Rose Gold Ring – Chupi

If you know your partner wants a rose gold engagement ring, but you know you want to choose it together, why not propose with these beautiful rose gold and rose quartz ring from Chupi? It’s priced from around £189.

Rose quartz and rose gold proposal ring

Drop in the Wild Citrine and Gold Ring – Chupi

Perhaps your partner prefers classic yellow gold? If that’s the case this unusual citrine quartz and yellow gold ring could be ideal for a proposal. It costs under £200 too so it’s an affordable option but special enough to be worn time and time again.

Citrine proposal ring

Gold Captured Heart Ring – Pandora

Tell the one you love they’ve captured your heart by proposing with this 14K gold ring from Pandora, set with cubic zirconia stones. If the £399 price tag is above budget for a temporary engagement ring, why not consider the sterling silver take on it, which retails at £45.

Gold heart shaped proposal ring

Zambian Emerald Ring with White Zircon – Gemporia

Who could resist an emerald? This sterling silver ring, which is part of the SS16 Classic collection at Gemporia, retails at £71 and features 1.38cts of enchanting Zambian emerald and white zircon.

Emerald proposal ring with white zircon

Zambian Emerand in 9K Gold – Gemporia

This vintage style ring costs £115 and features a Zambian emerald surrounded by white zircon, set in a 9K gold band.

emerald and yellow gold proposal ring

Petals of Love Ring – Pandora

You’ll guarantee a lucky outcome if you propose with this pretty four-leaf clover inspired ring from Pandora, which costs £50. If you’re honouring your bride’s Irish heritage with this choice, why not read more about Irish wedding traditions?

Four leaf clover proposal ring

Daisy Ring – Daisy London

How cute is this daisy ring from Daisy London? It’s made from sterling silver with an 18K gold plated centre in the flower. It costs just £39 and we think it’s perfect for a picnic proposal in the park! It also comes in rose gold too for those who prefer warmer toned jewellery.

Daisy themed proposal ring

Serenite and White Topaz Ring – Gemporia

Glamorous brides will fall for this pear shaped serenite and white topaz ring, which is set in 9K gold. It costs just £101, so it won’t break the bank but will receive lots of admiring glances.

Serenite and topaz pear shaped proposal ring

Serenite and White Zircon Ring – Gemporia

If you like the ring above but think it might be too much for an understated bride, why not consider the serenite and white zircon ring from Gemporia (£101), which is a similar shape but features less gemstones and a white gold band.

Pear shaped proposal ring with serenite and zircon

Diamond Quartz Ring – FeatherOak

We adore this diamond quartz ring from FeatherOak. The fact it’s diamond quartz means it’s seriously affordable (we’re talking from £20), but it’s still got that all-important diamond element. The copper ring would suit a laidback bride – the kind who’d love a boho wedding dress.

Diamond quartz proposal ring

Classic Elegance Ring – Pandora

Go traditional with this cubic zirconia Classic Elegance ring from Pandora. It’s an amazing temporary engagement ring as it looks like the real thing, but with a £60 price tag.

Classic elegance ring from Pandora

Timeless Elegance Ring – Pandora

If you prefer a more timeless take rather than the contemporary circle shape above, consider the Timeless Elegance ring, which also retails at £60.

Timeless elegance ring from Pandora

Diamond and 9K Gold Heart Ring – Gemporia

Give your partner your heart with this adorable proposal ring from Gemporia. It costs £143 and features a 1/4ct of diamonds set in a heart shape on a 9K gold band – they’ll treasure it forever.

Heart shaped proposal ring

Beauty in the Wild Garnet Ring – Chupi

Give your partner a real statement ring during your proposal – we love this garnet and rose gold ring from Chupi, which costs approximately £233 and will be treasured forever.

Garnet proposal ring

Beauty in the Wild Emerald Ring – Chupi

We love this vibrant emerald quartz ring from Chupi. It’s priced from around £155 and is set in 18K gold plated sterling silver, cast in Chupi’s signature twig style.

Emerald proposal ring

Zambian Emerald and Diamond Ring – Gemporia

Fallen for emeralds? This Zambian emerald ring (£143) from Gemporia is seriously striking and features diamonds too so it’s still got the traditional proposal aspect.

Trio of emeralds proposal ring

Daisy Chain Ring – Daisy London

This sterling silver and gold plated daisy chain ring is impossible to resist. It’s so pretty and at £37 will be worn time and time again after the proposal. We think it’s the perfect choice of proposal ring for a girly girl who loves a classic daisy chain.

Daisy chain ring

Crystallised Floral Fancy Ring – Pandora

How pretty is this Floral Fancy ring from Pandora? It features a sparkly cubic zirconia centre stone and costs £70.

Large cubic zirconia proposal ring from Pandora

Tanzanite and 9K Gold Ring – Gemporia

If the bride-to-be is a December baby, tanzanite is a great choice as it was named as the birthstone for December in 2002. Tanzanite also has a glamorous past – it was named by Tiffany & Co. These vibrant violet stones are set in 9K gold and will cost just £71.99.

Trio of tanzanite proposal ring

Tanzanite and White Zircon Ring – Gemporia

Has vibrant tanzanite piqued your interest? We love it in this classic setting, with white zircon on a 9K gold band, and we love the £101 price tag too.

Tanzanite and white zircon proposal ring

Sparkling Heart Ring – Pandora

No one would guess this dazzling heart shaped ring from Pandora was a temporary placeholder engagement ring. It’s perfect for the romantic bride, and costs £55.

Sparkly heart proposal ring from Pandora

Cosmic Diamond 9K Gold Ring – Gemporia

Do you already know your big day will be full of vintage wedding ideas? This vintage inspired diamond ring from Gemporia could be the perfect choice, and costs £146. It would look amazing paired with a 1920s wedding dress.

Vintage inspired proposal ring

Kunzite and White Topaz Ring – Gemporia

This contemporary style sterling silver ring will take your breath away. It costs £58 and features dazzling kunzite from Mawi and sparkly white topaz. If you decide to upgrade it to permanent engagement ring status, make sure you have a shaped wedding ring to match!

Contemporary kunzite proposal ring

Radiant Elegance Ring – Pandora

Girls that love glitter will adore this Radiant Elegance ring from Pandora, which will sparkle whenever it catches the light. It retails at £45.

Radiant elegance ring from Pandora

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect ring to pop the question with, make sure you read our edit of alternative engagement rings for more inspiration.


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