Grooms Who Wore Kilts: 17 Images That Will Make You Want To Embrace Your Celtic Roots

Be patriotic to your Celtic roots and embrace the kilt for your wedding. They are stylish, smart, and there is one for every colour scheme


When it comes to wedding planning, there is a lot of emphasis put on the bride's wedding dress and what the female members of the bridal party are going to wear, but what about the men?

When it comes to the groom and his groomsmen, the usual get-up is in suit form, however for the Celtic-rooted men out there, a kilt can also be an option.

grooms who wore kilts

If you are getting married in a Scottish wedding venue, or just have Scottish roots and can’t decide whether to go with the native wedding wardrobe, we have some grooms in kilts inspiration to help you make up your mind.

Grooms Who Wore Kilts

Wearing different outfits on the big day is a fabulous same sex wedding idea and these grooms have pulled it off perfectly. The smart grey suit is a perfectly complementary outfit to wear next to the ravishing red and black kilt that the other groom is sporting. This is such a romantic wedding picture that we all want to recreate.

same sex couple in kilt

Image Credit: Sarah Wenban Photography

The kilt which this groom is wearing is so handsome and the colours are soft and work perfectly with his bride’s tea-length wedding dress. The combination of grey, navy and white looks amazing with the backdrop of this picture and we are getting serious relationship goals from these two.

groom in kilt with tea length wedding dress bride

Image Credit: Mark Quinn Photography

Brilliantly bold in black, this groom has chosen a seriously smart kilted with striking metal studs and cute tartan detailing on the socks and tie. His bride is dressed beautifully in a classic white wedding dress with lots of embroidery and detailing. What a stunning pair, we would definitely steal their kilt wedding style in a heartbeat.

handsome groom with bride in white dress

Image Credit: Kat Forsyth

Full of emotion and love, this wedding image is one that the couple will truly cherish forever. The gorgeous tattooed bride is gleaming as her groom sheds a tear while he says his vows. His green and yellow tartan kilt is extremely dashing and even compliments the bride’s body art.

tattooed bride and groom in kilt

Image Credit: Laura Segall

The romance between this couple is truly unmeasurable and the picture is totally wedding-worthy. This reminds us of something from a fairy tale movie. The textures of his kilt and jacket work perfectly with the bride’s lace embroidered dress. We love this picture of the romance-filled couple and could definitely imagine them having lots of disney wedding songs on their big day to carry on the theme that is so clearly portrayed in this picture. 

black and white image of groom in kilt with bride

Image Credit: Mark Quinn Photography

The look which this groom has most definitely pulled off is undeniably smart and patriotic. His all-black kilt is gracious and sleek and definitely steal-worthy. We think this is a really handsome groom look for anyone who wants to rock a kilt at their wedding and the setting of the photo is just as stunning as the outfit itself.

stylish groom in kilt outdoors

Image Credit: Wild Daisy Art Photography

What a gorgeous moment to capture. In this image you can not only see the newlyweds gleaming with happiness, but their guests also. The bride is showing true support for her Mr by adding a statement dark belt to her beautiful sleeved wedding dress which ties in with her groom’s black and navy stylish kilt. This is a colour-coordinated couple if we’ve ever seen one!

bride with groom in kilt smiling with other guests and confetti

Image Credit: Mark Quinn Photography

Everything in this romantic photograph is completely in sync from the colours, to the setting and even the couple themselves. The greenery surrounding the newlyweds is the exact bright shade that is featured in the groom’s kilt and we love the boldness of his style. The bride’s crisp, white strapless wedding dress is the epitome of stunning and her groom even has a floral buttonhole which matches.

groom wearing bright green kilt with bride in white dress

Venue: Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa

Grooms & Groomsmen Who Wore Kilts

What a good looking bunch these guys are. This picture is legendary and we love how the mismatch in kilt colours is all brought together with the matching green jackets. The colour scheme throughout this picture is amazing as even the guys who aren’t in the matching outfits fit in perfectly and make the entire group look like they are ready to attend a seriously perfect wedding.

groomsmen in green jackets and kilts

Image Credit: Mark Quinn Photography

Have you ever seen a group of groomsmen in kilts that are so happy? These men are jumping for joy, and for good reason too, they are most likely the best dressed at the wedding they’re attending. They look fresh, dapper and ready to make a statement at the wedding. We hope the girls have some seriously stunning bridesmaid dresses to go with these outfits.

groomsmen in kilts jumping into the air

Image Credit: Snappy Hen Photography

The blushing bride in this picture looks very happy to be standing with the dashing groomsmen and guests in kilts at her wedding and we don’t blame her, they look incredibly smart. The tartan masterpieces are being worn with so much pride and the variation of colours shows just how adaptable kilts can be at weddings. There is one for every colour scheme ladies, you’ll be happy to know.

bride with groomsmen in miss matching kilts

Image Credit: Laura Segall 

This trio look like three true gentlemen in their dashing kilts. The groom can’t wipe the smile off of his face for so many reasons; he has his two friends by his side, he has just married the love of his life and he looks absolutely fabulous in his Scottish outfit.

black and white picture of groom and two groomsmen in kilts

Image Credit: Mark Quinn Photography

This funny wedding picture gives us serious colour-coordinating goals. Blues, greys, whites, it’s like a perfectionist-bride’s dream, and ours too. Each person in this picture looks like they’re having the time of their lives. The colour choice for the men’s kilts is perfectly matched with the brides stunning ivory wedding dress and the cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses.

funny picture groomsmen in blue kilts kicking with bride and bridesmaids

Image Credit: Mark Quinn Photography

These four guys have dressed to impress in green jackets and tartan kilts that would be perfect for a country garden wedding. The outfits would look gorgeous with green bridesmaid dresses and some ivory wedding flowers sported by the bridal party.

groomsmen in green jackets

Image Credit: Mark Quinn Photography

Children Who Wore Kilts

Prepare yourself for the cute-factor of kilts as this little chap is being swung for the picture by three dashing groomsmen. His little green kilt is matching his elders and that gleaming face says it all. We are a big fan of tartan in this shade of green as it looks really handsome with the black jackets and makes for a wonderfully stylish wedding look.

three groomsmen in kilts swinging young child in funny photo

Image Credit: RICHpictures

Have you ever seen a little boy looking so proud before? We haven’t. This young gentleman looks so gorgeous in his sky blue and black kilt alongside his older companion. Everything about their get-up is perfect from the wonderfully smart shoes to the gorgeous black bow-ties.

young boys in smart sky blue kilts

Groom Attire by: Slaters Menswear

Deciding whether to have children at your nuptials will become a definite ‘yes’ when you feast your eyes on these cherubs playing at a summer wedding. The two boys are sporting the most adorable kilts that would make anyone want to change their children’s wedding outfits. They look so super cute!

kids running at summer wedding in kilts

Image Credit: Mark Quinn Photography

Whether it's summer groomswear you're looking for, or all round seasonal menswear, Celtic kilts can fit in with any wedding and look seriously smart. 


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