11 Famous Shoes: Iconic Footwear Ideas for Your Wedding

Love your shoes? Why not pick an iconic, famous pair of shoes to complete your wedding look. We've rounded up 11 ideas to inspire you


When you’re planning your perfect bridal look for your big day, it’s easy to focus on finding the perfect wedding dress – but to be honest, here at Hitched we’re completely obsessed with shoes too. We’ve rounded up some of the most iconic shoes and given them a bridal twist – consider a tea length wedding dress so you can show off your iconic wedding shoes to everyone!


Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers

Even if you’ve never seen ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (and if you haven’t, why not?), everyone knows the iconic scene where Dorothy clicks the heels of her bright, ruby red slippers together and wishes to go home.

We’re not suggesting you spend your wedding day wishing you were at home, but you can channel Dorothy’s fierce footwear style with the Alexis shoes from Charlotte Mills. The pop of red will look amazing paired with a wedding dress – especially if you opt for a 1950s style bridal gown – and the heart detail is too cute.

All her shoes have a blue lining – something blue – and a silver sixpence in the sole for some extra bridal luck.


Carrie’s Manolo Blahnik

Have you ever looked at your sparkly diamond ring and wished it was a shoe? No, neither have we. But we’ve all longed for the royal blue Hangisi shoes by Manolo Blahnik that Mr Big proposed to Carrie with in the Sex and the City movie. If he’d included a diamond ring too, they probably wouldn’t have had any of that wedding drama.

These shoes also make an amazing ‘something blue’ idea for your wedding…Olivia Palermo had the same idea and wore them to her wedding – find out how to steal her celebrity wedding dress look.


The Louboutin

That red sole is seriously iconic – everyone knows the scarlet sole means Christian Louboutin. Flash a hint of red as you walk down the aisle and waltz through your first dance. We love the Houla shoes in patent white; they have a gorgeous vintage feel about them and look wedding-worthy, but not so bridal that you couldn’t wear them out again after the big day.


Kate Middleton’s Nude Heel

If you fancy stealing some celebrity wedding style, who better to be inspired by than the Duchess of Cambridge? Kate Middleton is famed for her love of the classic nude court shoe, which she buys from LK Bennett. You too can buy the Sledge heel in patent taupe and mimic her timeless style – these shoes are perfect if you don’t want a statement shoe but want to elongate your legs.


Cinderella’s Glass Slipper

We’re not advocates of wearing glass shoes on your wedding day – frankly it’s risky and we don’t want to be responsible for any nasty cuts. But we do advocate following the ultimate fairytale princess’s lead and getting as close to Cinderella’s legendary shoe as you can. The Miroir heels by Kandee Shoes have a silvery, mirrored finish which is a safe alternative to Cinderella’s sparkling glass.


Audrey Hepburn’s Ballet Flats

Love wearing your ballet flats every day? You have Audrey Hepburn to thank. The silver screen star brought wearing flat shoes into the mainstream – she’d wanted to be a ballet dancer but when that career didn’t take off she still incorporated her ballet inspired style into her every day look. If you’re looking for flat wedding shoes, we love the Bibi flats from Sophia Webster – the aqua blue is perfect for weddings but if you want something more traditional, they also come in silver (and a whole host of other colours).



Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent Shoe

Angelina Jolie embraced her dark side in the Disney film Maleficent and Christian Louboutin created some amazing limited edition heels inspired by the film for the actress to wear as she promoted it. These would look amazing paired with a gothic wedding dress – they have black patent detailing, mesh sides, a heel designed to look like a wisp of smoke and of course, that famous red sole.


Sophia Webster’s Winged Shoe

These amazing shoes are crying out for a short wedding dress – you’ll feel as though you’re on cloud nine all day as it is, but the winged detailing will have you gliding around all day. The Evangeline heels are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an unusual wedding shoe – Sophia Webster has so many quirky designs to choose from!


Converse All Stars

If you’re more about comfort when it comes to your footwear, we can totally relate to that too. Converse are a great choice if you want a more casual feel on your wedding day, or even if you’re looking for dancing shoes to change into for your evening party. Why not personalise them – add some sparkle or customise them with your new married name for a unique twist. Don’t forget, Annie rocked bridal sneakers in ‘Father of the Bride’, which is one of the best wedding films ever.


Alice in Wonderland Mary Janes

Alice has some seriously stylish footwear as she wanders about in Wonderland – whilst we’re not sure patent black Mary Janes are the right look for a wedding dress, why not add a soft twist to the look with these leather Rachel Simpson shoes, available at Not on the High Street – they’re even the colour of Alice’s dress!


Dr Martens

Alternative brides will love the idea of wearing Dr Martens boots with their wedding dress. You can get them in bridal white, pastel pink, or even a brogue style with a heart pattern. These would work perfectly with an alternative wedding dress. Why not ask your groom to wear a matching pair in a different colour with his wedding suit?


If you’re shoe-crazy and you still haven’t found your perfect wedding shoe in our iconic bridal shoe round up, make sure you read our feature on unusual wedding shoes – they’re ideal if you really want to make a statement with your footwear on your big day.