Your Wedding Hair Problems Solved

From dip-dye disasters to a haircut that you hate, we talk to the experts as they solve all your wedding hair problems


You may have found the perfect venue, dress and décor, but if a wedding hair disaster strikes, it can feel like your whole world is crashing down. A bride wants to look her very best, and beautiful wedding hair plays a huge part.


If you want to know how to fix a wedding hair disaster, we speak to two top wedding hair stylists – Lorraine Newark at Bridal Hair Design and Tori Harris of Tori Harris Hair and Make Up – as they share how they would solve some of your most pressing wedding hair problems…


Q. I decided to have a dramatic change and went from shoulder length to a chin length bob…I hate it! Is there anything I can do to make my hair look longer for the wedding?

Lorraine says: Luckily, hair extensions today are fabulous. You can choose anything from permanent extensions to clip-in extensions and all can be colour matched to your hair and cut and blended into your own hairstyle so they look completely natural. 80% of my brides use some form of extensions to either gain length or thickness. The cost has dropped dramatically over the years, too. All extensions are made from human hair, so it can be curled or straightened and styled how you want it.

Q. My usual hair stylist has left the salon to have a baby and I’m nervous about letting anyone else do my wedding hair…

Lorraine says: This is why a hair trial is very important: it’s your chance to gain confidence in a stylist. If your previous hairdresser knows your hair well, ask her to write down any tips about dealing with your hair before she goes on maternity leave. Do make sure you’re booking a hairdresser who specialises in wedding hair — salon hairdressing is quite different from making an up-do look perfect for 12 hours!

Q. I had my wedding hair trial last week and hated what the stylist did. She’s a friend of a friend so I feel obliged to let her style my hair. Help!

Lorraine says: I feel for you, this is an awkward situation that we’d all hate to be in. You have two options: ask for another trial and explain what you didn’t like the first time, or book a trial with another wedding stylist to see if the style you want is achievable. If it is, then you need to take a deep breath, contact your friend’s friend and tell her tactfully that you won’t need her services.

Q. I had my hair coloured red for the wedding but it has faded — is there anything I can do to restore the colour?

Lorraine says: Red fades quickly, especially if you’re washing your hair on a daily basis. You could try running a semi permanent colour through it, or even a five day shampoo-in colour. This would brighten the shade in the short term and give your hair a nice shine. I’d suggest doing it two to three days before the wedding.

Q. I have thick and unruly dark, curly hair and stuggle to put it in an up-do. How can I avoid a wedding hair disaster?

Tori says: Often we have preconceptions of how our hair looks in an up-do based on “scraped back” bad hair days. That’s very different to having a stylist look after your hair on the wedding day. Something loose and relaxed would highlight your natural curls while controlling them: consider having loose tendrils at the front of any hairstyle. You could also consider a loose plait, potentially worn to one side, so your hair is controlled but not slicked back.

Q. I tried to lighten my own hair and the result is brassy and slightly orange. What can I do to improve the colour before my wedding?

Tori says: If your hair is orange, it hasn’t been lightened enough to reach blonde. Your best course of action depends on how light you originally wanted to go. If you wanted your hair to be lighter, you will need to use more bleach to lighten it until you reach a yellow colour. You can then use a violet based toner to find your perfect shade. If you want to remove the brassiness, but not go any lighter, either a toner or purple shampoo should do this. If you have a professional colour stockist near you, ask them to help you find the right toner for your hair.

Q. I usually have hair extensions, but sometimes they break off and leave my hair looking patchy. How can I improve it before the wedding? Should I have more extensions?

Tori says: If your hair is breaking, the extensions may be weakening your hair — or they’re too heavy. If you have time before the wedding, I would highly recommend a break to give your hair chance to recover. While your extensions are out, use a nourishing shampoo for thinning hair. You could consider clip-in extensions for the day and any pre-wedding events, but if you do have more extensions put in for the wedding, think about taking a break afterwards.

Q. I asked my stylist to create an ombre effect, but my hair looks harsh and “dip-dyed”. Is there anything I can do?

Tori says: To rectify the situation at home I would recommend a semi-permanent colour to dye over the hair. Use a colour similar to your roots, and apply it to the roots. After around five minutes, apply a little more dye to the roots and brush through the hair repeating the process every five minutes until the recommended time on the dye packet is reached. This should create a fairly subtle ombre effect and minimise the dip-dyed look.


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