Vintage Wedding Hairstyles: How to Create Three Iconic Looks

Love the idea of a vintage wedding hairstyle? We asked an expert hairdresser to talk you through three different iconic looks


Are you searching for the perfect vintage wedding hairstyle to match your vintage wedding dress? We caught up with Gary Russell, expert stylist at high end hair salon The Chapel and asked him to share his top tips for creating gorgeous vintage wedding hairstyles yourself.

1920s inspired vintage wedding hair look

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“You can take as much inspiration from any era you fancy: from a pin curl to a victory roll, there is a vintage style to suit every blushing bride. Look to the red carpet for celebrity styles mirroring the old school glamour of the past. Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani are big fans of the 1920s flapper finger wave, and the 1960s beehive has been sported by several icons to elongate the neck and show off a detailed neckline beautifully,” explains Gary from The Chapel, “Recently the beehive has been worn by Penelope Cruz and Adele, but Audrey Hepburn was a key figure who paved the way for this iconic vintage style.”

The 1920s Finger Wave

If you’re looking for a wedding hairstyle for short hair, this could be the one for you. 1920s inspired finger waves look beautiful for short hair. Add a glamorous finish with a gorgeous hair slide or an embellished band.

1920s style vintage finger waved hair

Image credit: Lipstick and Curls

Tong your hair using a thin barrel and curl up into a roll, holding for a few seconds then releasing. If you clip to cool it’ll help set the style.

Once all the hair is tonged, unclip and take each section bending into an S shape on the head. To secure, use long sectioning clips to hold the S in shape and spray with hairspray.

Keep all sections shaped in the same direction. Remove clips and gently brush through the hair joining the sections. Hide any ends that don’t look neat by tucking up and pinning into a bob shape.

1940s Victory Roll

The victory roll is a great style to suit mid to long length hair that’s quite thick. It’s also the perfect way to use your hair as an accessory; with an up do of victory rolls you won’t have the need for a tiara, although a vintage style slide does finish the look.

1940s victory rolls style vintage wedding hair

Image credit: Lipstick and Curls

Start by sectioning three to four inch wide pieces at the front of your hair. Pop the rest of your hair into a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

A great cheat to create a victory roll involves using an empty toilet roll tube – no really! Cut about ¾ of the way up the tube and slide one side under the other to create a cone shape. Gently backcomb the top of the section to create some volume and help hold.

Roll the section of hair onto the tube, angling towards the back of your head, making sure it’s not too tight as you’ll struggle to remove the tube. Gently remove the tube, and hold the roll with your other hand, secure with grips along the underneath of the roll. The roll should have a closed end (so you can’t see through the middle).

Smooth any flyaway hair with some hairspray and the palm of your hand, a pin tail comb is great for moving the roll into place. You can create your own look with different size rolls and even create a victory roll crown which can be dotted with flowers.

The rest of the hair can be curled to match, using a large barrel tong. A little serum smoothed over the style will help the light bounce off of rolls and waves, giving you healthy looking hair all day long.

1960s Beehive

Combining different styles from the decades can work well to give an overall vintage look. A 1950s style short wedding dress is perfectly paired with a 1960s beehive. The dramatic full up do will show off detailing on the dress, and help lengthen your body. If you have fine hair, or shorter lengths, add a hair pad or doughnut to boost the beehive. This retro wedding hairstyle is a must for brides who love to stand out.

Beehive style vintage wedding hair

Image credit: Lipstick and Curls

Start by sectioning hair from ear to ear, and clip the top section out of the way. Sweep hair to one side and smooth using a boar bristle brush, before lightly spraying with a strong hold hairspray and use hair grips in a criss-cross pattern up the middle of your head to secure.

Backcomb the length of hair to one side gently, and using the edge of your hand, roll the hair onto itself. Use hair pins to hold, pushing up into the hair and then turning downwards to help feel really secure.

Take the top section of hair, and section into further pieces. Keeping the front section clipped out the way backcomb the rest of the hair to create height and the beehive shape.

Spray each section with hairspray and build a cushion of hair and when happy with the size and shape, use grips to hold, but be careful not to flatten the volume created. Smooth the top section over and twist the ends into a little curl and pin to hold in place.

If you want a more textured finish, gently pull pieces of hair to frame the face. If you want to wear hair down, go for a half up beehive for a Bardot half up half down wedding hairstyle. Add a sparkling brooch style accessory and winged eyeliner to finish.

If you’re yet to find the perfect wedding hairstyle for you, we have 47 simple wedding hairstyles to inspire you.


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