Professional Tips and Tricks for Applying Your Wedding Hair and Make-up

We talk to industry leading hair stylists and make-up artists as they share their top beauty tips for brides


Every bride wants to look sensational on the big day and having perfect hair and flawless make-up helps to make you more radiant than ever.


We asked three leading hair and make-up experts to give us their essential beauty advice for brides.

Ariane Poole is a make-up artist working with fashion and beauty photographers, celebrities, models and royalty, as well as brides. She has her own range of cosmetics and is the beauty expert on ITV’s This Morning.

Ariane says: “On your wedding day you should be yourself, but better. Whether you’re hiring a make-up artist or doing your own make-up, you should be comfortable and happy. I would never force a bride who doesn’t usually wear much make-up to pile it on, and if I’m working with a bride who wears TOWIE-style make-up I wouldn’t persuade her to go natural.

“It’s important for wedding make-up to last so I would recommend a primer. If you have an oily T-zone, or you’re getting married in humid weather, try an anti-shine primer. I’m seeing more brides in their 40s and over, and recommend a regular primer for them to smooth out fine lines.

“Eyebrows need definition, but they don’t need to be filled or over-plucked. See a professional to get them shaped; there are brow bars everywhere. Waterproof mascara is another must-have and just a flush of colour on the cheek is best for brides.

“Your lipstick depends on your photography. If you’re having black and white photos, a nude shade can make your lips disappear so you need to go a shade or two darker than usual. Flash photography can annihilate your blusher and make you look washed out, so take test shots before your wedding day to see what works best.”

Juliet Cunnington has been a specialist bridal make-up artist for the past 12 years and has worked with over 800 brides.

Juliet says: “To avoid ruining your foundation with eye make-up smudges, work like a professional by doing your make-up in reverse. Apply eyeshadow (using an eye primer to lock your eyeshadow in place and stop any creasing), eyeliner and mascara, then clean away smudges using a cleansing wipe. The under-eye and cheek area is now flawless for your foundation and concealer. This process is handy if you’re applying a dark smoky eye and it gives your moisturiser or primer longer to absorb while you work on your eyes.

“Pick a foundation suitable for your skin type; moisturising for dry skin and oil-free for combination/oily skin. The correct colour is crucial so apply three shades to your collarbone in daylight; the one that disappears is the correct shade. Matching foundation to your collarbone, rather than your face, provides consistent colour on body, face and neck — important when you’re wearing a wedding dress, with lots of skin on show. Apply your foundation lightly for a sheer effect and use concealer sparingly so your skin still looks like skin!

“My hero product for bridal make-up is Makeup Forever Mist and Fix, a product I’d be lost without. It seals make-up, making it heat-proof and sweat-proof, keeping it in place by coating the skin with a weightless and invisible film.”

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Severin Hubert and Roz Edwards from the Hepburn Collection provide specialist bridal hair design and a bridal concierge service.

Severin says: “The best bridal hairstyle is the one that suits and reflects your personality the most. Naturally you want to be a beautiful bride, but you don’t have to conform to a stereotype — if you’ve never liked your hair up, you don’t have to wear it that way on your wedding day.

“Your bridal hairdresser should be someone you connect with — they’ll be with you on the morning of your big day! Find out who specialises in dressing wedding hair (not all hairdressers have had training) and ask to see their portfolio of real brides. Show them images of styles you like, along with your dress.

“Decide on your hair colour around three months before the wedding day and stick with it. Your final colour should be applied one to two weeks before. Consider a course of conditioning treatments up to six months in advance. This can be done at your salon or we recommend the Milkshake Intensive range. Make sure you have at least one trial with your hairdresser to be 100% sure of your chosen style.


“On your wedding day, the one thing we strongly advise is not to use conditioner. Your hairdresser needs to have total control and conditioner can make it unmanageable. They will bring their own hair products designed to hold the style whilst adding shine.”

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