Amazing Wedding Transformations

We meet two brides who say an amazing transformation made their day eveny more magical and share their story with us


Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. But for some women, real or perceived physical imperfections can affect their plans, their choice of dress and their enjoyment of the day.

That’s why for many brides the wedding is a catalyst, prompting them to make a change, whether that’s revamping their hairstyle or having cosmetic surgery.

We meet two brides who say an amazing transformation made their day more magical.

I didn't want to hide on my wedding day


Debbie Murray, 55, married Cormac, 52, in September 2008, four months after having a cosmetic body lift


Debbie says: ‘I’ve always been curvy, but I started piling weight on in my early-20s. I wasn’t happy and started a yoyo cycle of dieting, then putting it all back on.

By my late-30s I was 23st and a size 28. I couldn’t find nice clothes and although I was outgoing on the surface, my confidence was destroyed. I never married or had a long-term relationship and blamed my weight. I didn’t want to turn 50 being fat and unhappy.

Working in the medical field, I sought advice from colleagues and, in November 2005, had a gastric bypass. Within a year I’d lost over 10st. Just before my 50th birthday I met Cormac on a night out with friends. Our lives had crisscrossed (we’d been neighbours and our mums were friends) but we’d never actually met. In December 2007, he proposed. Although Cormac loved my body, I had lots of excess skin from losing the weight.

Every bride wants to look amazing, and I didn’t want to hide my bulbous belly in a conservative dress, or feel self conscious on my special day. I went to see Mr. Nick Parkhouse at the McIndoe Surgical Centre in East Grinstead and he recommended a circumferential body lift, which costs £12,000. In May 2008, four months before my wedding, I had the operation. Five hours of surgery and 400 stitches were painful, but I had no regrets; the results were amazing.

I finally had the confidence to look at wedding dresses and Angelina Coloruso made me a stunning, fitted gown in a size 14 with a 50metre rose and petal-detail tulle train. On my wedding day, I walked to the church, wearing my dream dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. I wanted everyone to see how happy and confident I was. It felt amazing and when Cormac saw me, he cried.

I keep my wedding dress on a mannequin in the hallway to remind me of my wonderful wedding — and I’m still a very happy size 14. If other brides are considering a change, I’d encourage them; your wedding day is the start of a new life chapter and you’ll always look back with pride.’

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I just couldn’t stop smiling


Nicola Hall, 29, married Justin, 31, in May 2008. Nicola wore invisible braces before her wedding to correct a crooked smile.

Transformation 2

Nicola says: “I wasn’t overly concerned about my teeth until I had a picture taken with friends at Newmarket races in 2007. I’d always had an overbite, but it seemed to have got worse and my front teeth looked really crooked. I couldn’t stop staring at them in the mirror.

Two weeks later, we set the date for our wedding — and I didn’t want my smile to ruin it. I met Justin when I was 19 and he proposed four years later. We were already engaged when the photograph was taken and, although Justin reassured me, I started covering my mouth when I smiled and dreaded having my photograph taken at the wedding.

I went to see my dentist and on his X-rays my teeth looked awful. But train-track braces take 18-months to work and I didn’t want to wear them on my wedding day. I’d already heard about clear braces and, after researching online, I found a local clinic offering Invisalign, a discreet orthodontic treatment that can straighten teeth. Although the treatment was £2,000, it included whitening and I chose a payment plan, so it didn’t impact on my wedding budget.

The braces were tight at first and I had to adjust to taking them out before I ate, but within just four months I saw a change. On my wedding day I couldn’t stop smiling. Although I still wear retainers at night, my teeth were perfect in time for the big day and I encouraged the photographer to get as close as he wanted. My glowing pearly whites added to the magic and I was filled with confidence.

Most people plan their wedding two years in advance so there’s time to change your smile if you want to. With clear braces, no one will even know you’re having the treatment. A brilliant smile isn’t just about one day; it has given me more confidence in every part of my life. My wedding photos remind me that the treatment was worth every penny and my new smile will always be there.”

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