A Simple Guide to Bridal Mehndi

Whether you are planning a traditional Asian wedding or a multi-faith celebration, find the bridal mehndi style that is perfect for you


Whether you are having a very traditional Asian wedding, a multi-faith celebration or a Western wedding, there will be a type of bridal mehndi to suit your style and your wedding.

If you are having a traditional Asian wedding then intricate designs that start on the hands with heavy detailing on the fingertips that then trail up to the elbow will be perfect. If you are having a multi-faith wedding or wearing a white wedding dress then more delicate henna designs or even white henna would work beautifully for you.

Traditional Bridal Mehndi

We have been lucky enough to chat with Pavan – the Guinness World Record Holder for being the fastest henna artist and she also runs the Pavan Henna Bar at Selfridges. Hear more from Pavan about how to find your perfect bridal henna.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Pavan and I am the founder of PAVAN Henna Bar based in Selfridges

You hold a world record for being the fastest mehndi artist, we’d love to hear more about this

I broke the world record in 2012 for the first time, this was when the record was 214 henna arm bands in one hour, and I completed by doing 314 henna arm bands in one hour, beating the previous record by 100! Three years later, I found that my record was beaten. The record was then 380 henna armbands in one hour, so I attempted again and completed 511 henna arm bands in one hour. Seven years later, I still hold the World Record!

What sparked your interest in bridal mehndi?

I was at a family wedding, and saw the henna being applied. I wasn’t keen on the look so started doodling on myself, and the rest as they say is history.

Bridal henna with diamante detail

Green and pink wedding mehndi

With so many designs to choose from, how can a bride make up her mind?

The bride usually has something in mind which is a great help, if they let us know what they would like in terms of coverage we take lead on designs and application. We will ask what their outfit is like, what kind of wedding it will be and pick up on their style, which steers us into recommending what would suit best

For brides having a multi-faith wedding and potentially wearing a more western-style white wedding dress, how can bridal henna work for her?

The white henna is great for this, we have done many English weddings with this style and it is such a perfect add on. We also have a range of gold and silver flash tattoos that go really well in making a statement

White wedding henna

White Bridal Mehndi

What can brides do to ensure their henna develops as dark as possible and really lasts?

Before the henna is applied, the skin should be free of any creams or oils, also make sure your manicure and pedicure are done prior to the henna application. Once the henna is applied, ensure your hands and feet are warm and NO water is applied on the evening of the henna application. Let the henna crumble off and by the morning it should be a dark chocolate brown colour!

Henna Developing

If a bride decides she wants to book your services – what is the process and what packages do you offer?

The best way to get in touch in through our website, www.pavanonline.com. We have all the information on packages along with images, and our Instagram page give you a great insight in what we offer.

How can brides get in touch with you?

We are reacheable on info@pavanonline.com our instagram handle and twitter handle is @pavan_henna.

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