Ruth & Jason's Real Wedding

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Ruth &amp; Jason&#39;s Real Wedding - Butterfly Wedding Cake

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The daughter of Ruth and Jason’s next door neighbour kindly offered to make the wedding cake.  The couple however wanted to make their cake a little taller and decided to buy a wedding cake from Marks and Spencer to give it extra height.  The whole wedding cake was once again themed purple and had butterflies cascading down the side, creating a stunning effect.  Everyone was very impressed!

Wedding cake was distributed to guests during the evening buffet however Ruth now wishes that she had bought cake boxes so that she could have distributed her cake further seeing as they had so much left over.

A disco was included in the overall wedding package from the venue and the newlywed couple danced the night away with their guests and plan to celebrate their wedding with a honeymoon in early 2013.

Ruth and Jason experienced the most amazing day of their lives and were thankful to Ruth’s sister Alison for all her hard work and kindness.  Ruth remembered her parents throughout the whole day, and looks forward to spending the rest of her life with her new husband Jason.


Jason & Ruth's supplier list

Photography by:  The Wedding Guy

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