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About Happy Photo Booth

Your wedding day will be one of the most beautiful moments in your life, which is why you want to hold on to every memory made that day…for all eternity.

It’s incredibly important to find a professional, experienced and welcoming photographer for your big day, but it’s just as vital to have these same qualities when it comes to choosing your photo booth. After all, you want these photos to be the best version they can be so you can cherish them and look back on them always.

Your wedding photograph has the amazing job of concentrating on you, but whilst this is happening your guests can really enjoy the photo booth!

We know that finding a photo booth for your wedding is not a rushed decision to make and there are lots to consider.

Everyone has different ideas, different dreams… each wedding is unique. You have timeframes to consider, guests, locations… but at the end of it you want to remember the emotions of the day.

And these emotions are also unique, they can’t be captured again – it’s a once in a life time day and that is exactly why a photo booth is an amazing addition.

The images you get to keep will truly show how you experienced your day: full of happiness, full of magic, full of fun and love.

When you look back at the photos you will be flooded with emotions, it’ll be like reliving the day again – the day you never wanted to end. And that… is the best proof of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the total price?

The rental price depends entirely on your package.

How are the photos stored; Digital, USB or on an online gallery?

The photos are stored digitally. After the return of the device and the photo booth accessories, we invite you to view and share the pictures in your online gallery, which will be sent to you by e-mail.

How much space does the photo booth need?

The photo booth does not need more than 1 square meter. Which means it able to fit in the smallest of corners :)

What does direct printing include? How many photos can you print?

You can print up to 800 - 10 × 15 images, or 1600 - strips. The photo booths never comes back empty from any event with approx. 100 guests. You are also welcome to order more paper just in case :)

How does pickup work?

The photo booth can easily be picked up from Nottingham depending on what works best for you.

Which props are included?

Digital panel props and accessories are included in each of our photo booth packages. This makes your event a lot easier for you and your guests. The face recognition in the photo booth automatically sets your desired digital fun filters and works in real time for your guests. This means you and your guests will have a lot more time and fun to enjoy the unlimited props and accessories we have available on our happy photo booths.

Which background comes with the photo booth?

The photo booth comes with the silver sequin background, which will be included as a free photo booth accessory.

Is the booth insured in case of damage?

The shipping of the photo booth is always insured.As a rule, damage is always regulated by the liability of the customer.

How does the reservation or booking work?

Just tell us in the contact form when you need to book the photo booth and we'll get back to you in no time.

How do I get the photo booth?

Anytime you want, you can pick up the booth and photo booth accessories from our collection stations in Nottingham.

Is the construction and dismantling complicated? What do I need to build?

Each photo booth contains a detailed instruction manual, the setup is very easy. We are happy to support you by phone during your setup.

Does the booth have to be maintained during the event?

No, the photo booth is very easy to understand, and needs no care.

Is it possible to set up the photo booth outdoors?

Sure :)

How does the operation of the photo booth work?

The setup of the photo booth is easy to understand, and you do not need any prior knowledge. The photo booth tells you what to do :)

What happens in case of a technical error?

There are rarely any technical errors, but if you do encounter any difficulty, just call us immediately.

What size and quality do the photos and printouts have?

The images are taken with 8 million megapixels which is completely sufficient for the printouts on 10 × 15.

Can I personalize the photos and use my own design?

Yes, of course, everything is possible! We also send you a layout catalogue when you make your reservation so you can select what is best for you from our wide range of options.

Is there a light in the booth? Can the booth be in a dark room?

Yes, our photo booths are easily adjustable by changing the brightness providing you with plenty of light. Because of this, you do not have to set up any additional light sources.

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