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About Dj Ash

Couples looking for a top of the line disco experience at their wedding ceremony will be impressed by the services that DJ Ash in High Valleyfield, Fife has to offer. Utilising high-quality innovative equipment, this company is able to provide spectacular musical entertainment that will excite and delight. Dj Ash boasts many years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Services offered

Several sets of options are available to meet the needs of different budgets. The musical collection on hand consists of half a million songs and spans the decades from the 1940s through today, ensuring that every guest will hear a favourite song that he or she can dance along to during the festivities. Amazing LED light displays and a vivid colour laser show are added perks.

Other services

Dj Ash is renowned for its positive reviews and quality services. Performing at a variety of events including charity gatherings, private parties, and special fundraisers, in addition to wedding appearances, the company has established itself as a local leader in the music industry.

Laser lights
Laser lights
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Dj Ash
Laser lights
Laser lights
Mood lighting
Mood lighting
Laser lights
Laser lights
Mood lighting
Mood lighting
Laser  lights and mood lightin
Laser lights and mood lightin
Laser lights
Laser lights
photo 4 106489
Dj Ash
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Laser lights

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Dj Ash FAQ

  • What is included in the wedding package?
    Depends on which package you order as we have several to suit most budgets
  • How far in advance should I contact you?
    Bookings taken on a first come first served basis. Book as early as you can to avoid disappointment
  • Size of group:
  • Repertoire:
    With over 600,000 songs and growing I can cater for almost any event
  • Is it possible to request something that's not in the repertoire?
  • Experience:
    38 years
  • Do you have your own equipment?
  • Do you need specific materials or conditions to offer your service?
  • Are you able to travel?
    Yes, scotland and Northern England
  • Is there a charge for traveling?
    Yes, price on application
  • Do you cover more than one wedding a day?
  • Do you work alone or do you have a team of professionals?
    With a team
  • What is the length of time of the act?
    5 hours typically
  • How much time do you need to prepare for an act?
    45 mins
  • Do you do open-air acts?
  • Do you charge per hour or per event?
    Per event
  • If needed, would you be able to work extra hours?
  • How do you charge extra time?
    Depends on package and distance etc
  • What are the forms of payment?

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