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Harper’s Hogs

Wallingford, Oxfordshire Visit website


Harper’s Hogs is a wedding caterer based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, specialising in hog roasts and BBQs for outdoor events. Led by owner Mark Harper, the team has over ten years of bringing delicious, sumptuous flavours to special occasions. From lamb roasts to cold buffets, all their food is homemade from scratch using only the best of local suppliers. They are proud to deliver a mouthwatering spread tailored to your day and sure to satisfy every guest.

Services Offered

Harper’s Hogs use only free-range pigs and lambs selected from locally sourced farms. This priority on wholesome, quality ingredients extends across all items of their bespoke menus, including their bread, which is baked fresh on the day. Mark and his team are more than happy to provide their services to events across the UK, with the option for roasts, barbeques, hot or cold buffets, and private dinner parties. A full range of sample menus is available on the company website, with ample opportunity to customise as needed.