Key Events in History for Your Wedding Speech

Welcome to wedding speech key events. A great way to start a wedding speech is to find a link between the year the 'victim' or groom (whichever description you prefer) and key events or people in the year they were born. To help you in this quest we have put together some key events that happened in some key years.

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Key Events from 1960

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  • Film Ben Hur wins a record 10 oscars
  • Dr Maertens boots launched in the UK
  • The word 'Catsuit' is added the english dictionary
  • The 'Royal Shakespeare Company' is founded
  • National Service ends in the UK
  • Alfred Hitchcocks 'Psycho' is released

Key Events from 1961

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  • Eddie Murphy is born
  • Diana Spencer is born
  • Weight Watchers is founded in the USA
  • The oral contraceptive is launched in the USA
  • In flight movies are introduced by TWA
  • Bob Dylan plays his first gig in New York
  • E-Type Jaguar launched

Key Events from 1962

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  • Tom Cruise is born
  • Cans that can be opened with tabs are invented by the City Beer Company
  • Decca records turns down signing the Beatles
  • Marilyn Monroe found dead
  • Sean Connery lands the role of James Bond
  • John Glenn becomes the first american to orbit the earth

Key Events from 1963

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  • George Michael born
  • The 'hover' lawnmower by Flymo is invented
  • The first nude screen tests are held
  • President Kennedy killed in Dallas
  • Stevie Wonder releases first album
  • The 'Great Train Robbery' in Buckinghamshire
  • The equal pay law for man and woman is passed in the USA

Key Events from 1964

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  • Pulitzer Prizes cancelled as commitee announces no work is good enough
  • Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland are married in London
  • Mods and Rockers clash at seaside resorts
  • Top of the Pops first broadcast
  • The Sun is first publised in the UK
  • The head of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is sawn off and stolen
  • Mary Poppins wins 8 Oscars

Key Events from 1965

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  • Brooke Shields born
  • The Rolling Stones fined £5 for urinating against a wall
  • Soviet Alexei Leonov performs the first space walk
  • Health warnings on cigarette packs required in the USA
  • Ian Brady and Myra Hindley convicted
  • Post Office tower opens in London

Key Events from 1966

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  • Laker Airways founded
  • The Rolling Stones banned from 14 New York hotels
  • Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow married
  • Cassius Clay beats Henry Cooper
  • Graham Hill wins Indy 500 at first attempt
  • The first British credit card 'The Barclaycard' is introduced in the UK
  • The Kray twins shoot George Cornell in the 'Blind Beggar Pub'
  • Star Trek premiered on NBC

Key Events from 1967

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  • Elvis Presley and Priscilla married
  • Dartford Tunnel opened
  • The words 'bell bottom' introduced into the dictionary
  • First heart transplant
  • The BEE GEE's first single is released
  • 'The Graduate' film is released

Key Events from 1968

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  • British Decimal Coins
  • Wimbledon tennis open to professionals
  • Andy Warhol Shot (he survived)
  • First Kodak Instamatic camera
  • Scientists devise the Epidural to ease the pain of childbirth
  • 2001: Space Odyssey released
  • Boeing 747 first flight

Key Events from 1969

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  • Man walk on the Moon
  • US Units withdrawn from Vietnam
  • 50 pence coin introduced
  • Test-tube fertilisation of human eggs
  • Pele scores 1000th goal
  • Boing 747 and Concorde first flight
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus first broadcast
  • Woodstock

Key Events from 1970

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  • Jimi Hendrix dies
  • George Best banned for one month
  • Bobby Moore accused of stealing jewellery (later cleared)
  • 1000th Episode of Coronation Street
  • IBM introduces floppy disks
  • Paul McCartney leaves the Beatles

Key Events from 1971

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  • Ferrari Daytona goes on sale
  • US astronauts drive on the moon in a 'Moon rover'
  • London bridge moves to Arizona
  • Nontuplets (9) are born in Australia
  • Decimal currency introduced in the UK
  • The first VCR is launched by Philips

Key Events from 1972

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  • Liam Gallagher (Oasis) is born
  • Mr Men books first published
  • The VW Beetle becomes the biggest selling car ever
  • Mark Spitz wins 7 Gold medals for swimming
  • The pocket calculator is invented by Texas Instruments
  • The Godfather film is released

Key Events from 1973

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  • VAT is introduced to Britain
  • First black newscaster in Britian - Trevor McDonald
  • Driving is banned on Sundays in Holland to save petrol reserves
  • The longest solar eclipse is visible from the Sahara desert
  • There are only 950 windmills left in Holland!
  • The disposable lighter is invented

Key Events from 1974

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  • Disposable plastic razors invented by Gillette
  • Three day working week introduced in the UK
  • Free family planning available on the NHS
  • Scientists prove that CFC's destroy the Ozone layer
  • Kate Moss born

Key Events from 1975

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  • Tiger Woods the US golfer is born
  • VHS and Betamax video introduced
  • First woman climbs Everest
  • Dutch Elm kills 6.5 million trees in the UK
  • Paul McCartney fined for growing Marijuana

Key Events from 1976

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  • The phrase 'Junk food' enters the english language
  • First commercial flight by Concorde (London - Bahrain)
  • Apple Computers founded by Steven Jobs
  • Viking 1 probe lands on Mars
  • Liverpool FC win league for record 9th time
  • The dryest summer in the UK since 1727
  • The VW Golf is launched

Key Events from 1977

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  • The US space shuttle prototype 'Enterprise' flys for the first time
  • Elvis dies aged 42
  • The last case of smallpox in the wild occurs in Somalia
  • Red Rum wins Grand National for 3rd time
  • Street parties in the UK for the Queens silver jubilee
  • Star Wars breaks all box office records

Key Events from 1978

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  • The Smurfs appear on TV for the first time
  • The first multi functional food processor is launched
  • World's first test tube baby is born
  • 'Superman' starring Christopher Reeve is released
  • 'Grease' starring John Travolta is released
  • Space Invaders the first ever arcade video game is launched

Key Events from 1979

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  • The Sony Walkman is launched
  • John Wayne dies
  • First offical British nudist beach is opened in Brighton
  • Margaret Thatcher becomes Britian's first female prime minister
  • Punk rocker Sid Vicious found dead in New York
  • Mother Teresa wins Nobel Peace Prize
  • Y.M.C.A. is the top selling hit of the year in the UK

Key Events from 1980

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  • Ronald Reagan becomes US President
  • British Airways is privatised
  • 'ghetto-blaster' is included in the English dictionary for the first time
  • John Lennon shot and killed in New York
  • The world waits to see 'Who shot JR' in Dallas TV series
  • Dutch company Philips launch 'Compact Disc'
  • Rubik's cube is voted Toy of the Year

Key Events from 1981

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  • France officially abolishes the death penalty and with it the guillotine
  • President Reagan shot in attempted assassination
  • Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles married
  • BMW develop first in car computer, to monitor engine performance
  • PacMan fever dominated video arcade games
  • IBM lanches its first personal computer
  • NASA space shuttle makes maiden flight

Key Events from 1982

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  • Graceland, home of Elvis, opened to the public
  • New full colour newspaper launched 'USA Today'
  • Channel Four launched in the UK
  • Argentinia invades the Falklands
  • Italy win footballs World Cup
  • Michael Jackson releases 'Thriller' album
  • Rap music reaches the mainstream pop music

Key Events from 1983

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  • Madonna releases first record album
  • Richard Noble breaks land speed record
  • 'Hitler's diaries' are exposed as a hoax
  • Karma Chameleon by Culture Club is the top selling single in the UK
  • Cabbage Patch Kids are the best selling toy of the year

Key Events from 1984

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  • Ghostbusters & Scarface hit the cinema screen
  • Madonna’s album Like a Virgin sold over 20 million copies
  • Liechtenstein gives votes to woman! The last country in Europe to do so!
  • Marvin Gaye is shot dead by his father
  • Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ wins record of the Year
  • CD-ROM is invented
  • The Apple Macintosh goes on sale
  • Michael Jackson's scalp is severely burned by pyrotechnics during a filming of the Pepsi ad
  • The 1984 Sarajevo winter Olympics open
  • Starlight Express opens at Apollo Victoria Theatre in London
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways makes its inaugral flight
  • Space shuttle Discovery makes its maiden voyage
  • Ghandi becomes Primi Minister of India
  • English footballer Darren Bent is born (Feb)

Key Events from 1985

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  • Gorbachev becomes Soviet Leader
  • Back to the Future starring Michael J Foxx is released
  • For the 1st time since 1914, the USA owed more money to foreigners than it owed
  • True Blue by Madonna is best selling album
  • Eastenders hit the screen Surely it would never catch on!
  • The year of the fingerless gloves!
  • Multi-venue rock concert organised by Sir Bob Geldof was held, raising money for famine relief in Ethiopia
  • The first British cell phone call is made (by Ernie Wise to Vodafone)
  • New York New York becomes official city anthem
  • The 30th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Irish Footballers Dean Shiels & Simon Davis are born
  • Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts is born (October)
  • David Purley, British race driver dies (July)

Key Events from 1986

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  • Fuji introduces the disposable camera
  • Bad by Michael Jackson is best selling album
  • Best Male Solo artist is Phil Collins
  • Best Female Solo artist Annie Lennox
  • Y-fronts became a thing of the past as boxer shorts made it big!
  • Kylie & Jason got married in Neighbours
  • British journalist John McCarthy is kidnapped in Beirut
  • The Chernobyl disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station happens
  • The 1986 FIFA World Cups takes place in Mexico
  • Prince Andrew marries Sarah Ferguson at Westminter
  • Mike Tyson wins his first world boxing title defeating Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas
  • Harold McMillan dies at the age of 92
  • British boxer Amir Khan was born (December)
  • Space shuttle Challenger disintegrates 73 seconds after launch killing all 6 on board, including one school teacher

Key Events from 1987

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  • Disposable contact lenses invented
  • 3-D video games invented
  • Sylvanian Families are a bestseller in the toy department
  • Cycling shorts became fashionable not just for cycling! Although maybe they should have been!
  • Patrick Swayze danced his way across the big screen in Dirty Dancing whilst Michael Douglas had a Fatal Attraction
  • Karaoke was introduced - thanks to our Japanese friends
  • Aretha Franklin becomes first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  • British Airways is privatised and listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • Construction of the Channel Tunnel is initiated
  • World population reached 5 billion people
  • Amercian singer and actress Hilary Duff is born
  • Welsh footballer Trevor Hockey dies

Key Events from 1988

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  • Welcome to the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles!
  • Bros were the new kids on the block
  • The must have car accessory was Garfield the cat!
  • Digital cellular phones are invited
  • Salman Rushdie published his Satanic Verses
  • Formula One, Ayrton Senna clinches his first World Championship in the Japanese Grand Prix
  • Scottish footballer Alan Lowing was born (January)
  • English footballer Darryl Knights is born
  • Andy Gibb of the Bee Gees dies
  • Enzo Ferrari, Italian car maker dies
  • U2's album 'Joshua Tree' wins a Grammy
  • George Bush is elected US President

Key Events from 1989

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  • Shirley Valentine & When Harry Met Sally on the big screen
  • Rain Man wins Academy Award for Best Picture
  • Sky dishes were being erected everywhere!
  • Bruno versus Tyson fight
  • Nintendo Game Boy was born
  • The ever-youthful Barbie turned 30!
  • The Berlin wall came down!
  • A 300m diamater 'near-earth' asteroid misses earth by 500,000km (400,000miles)
  • Poll Tax is introduced into Scotland
  • France celebrates the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution
  • Football fans are crushed at the Hillsborough disaster
  • Grammy Award went to Bobby McFerrin for his song 'Don’t Worry, Be Happy'