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Welcome to the Hitched wedding jokes and humour section. Here you will find the best of the wedding jokes and humor around with links to classic best man stories and sections for only the bride and groom to read. These wedding jokes could be great included in a best man or chief bridesmaid/matron of honour speech.

If you have any other wedding jokes then please let us know and we will include them in the site.


Get ready for the testosterone-fuelled mother-in-law jokes .. or even some more original ones, guaranteed to get the wedding party chuckling into their champagne glasses!

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100 Reasons to be a bloke
The points system for Men
40 Rules Men Wished Women Knew
Woman Are Complex Creatures


Come on ladies.. you can spin a yarn as well as the boys! Check out our jokes for the brides and ladies of the day. Who says the best man's speech has to be the funniest ...

Brides Only
A Dictionary For Women
Why It's Better To Be A Woman
Men Are Complex Creatures
70 things not to say ... Small Penis
University for Men


For jokes surrounding the wedding subject as a whole, click on one of the links below to laugh your socks off and guarantee a giggle on the day!

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Dr Farmer's Guide To Woman
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