Zoe & Thomas's Real Wedding

Zoe & Thomas's Real Wedding - Honeydukes Sweet Buffet

Honeydukes Sweet Buffet

Inspired by the famous wizarding sweet shop in Hogsmede, Zoe and Thomas made their own Honeydukes sweet buffet, which included chocolate frogs, chocolate wands, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Fizzing Whizzbies and more.

As well as this, there was confetti made from harry potter books and ‘potions’ made from different alcohols for everyone to drink such as Dragon’s Blood, the Elixir of Life and Eye of Newt. There were also Harry Potter themed props for guests to pose with and a bird cage covered in feathers, which was a post box for the ‘owl post’. Zoe made special invitations to the wedding, which were Marauders’ Maps, and the RSVP was a Hogwarts Express ticket.

As if they hadn’t spoiled their guests enough, the couple also gave everyone homemade macarons as wedding favours – Zoe loves baking so she made them herself. 

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Zoe & Thomas-Honeydukes Sweet Buffet
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Zoe & Thomas's Real Wedding on 19 Sep 2015

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Photography by:  Sandra Reddin Photography

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