Zoe & Thomas's Real Wedding

Zoe and Thomas met in a chilly setting – they were trapped in a fridge in Marks & Spencer! Despite their frosty start, their relationship flourished and after nine years together they planned a Harry Potter themed wedding in just two months’ time, before relocating to Chicago for a new life together.

Thomas & Zoe-Thomas and Zoe’s Harry Potter Wedding

Thomas and Zoe met on their first day working in Marks & Spencer, and Thomas’s brother decided to shut them in the storage fridge together. This could have cooled any budding friendship, but actually it gave them a glowing start – from that moment on they were inseparable.

The couple survived Zoe going away to university, and the pair never actually made the stage of moving in together – they leapt straight to marriage when Thomas was told his company was closing and he was going to be made redundant. They had nothing to lose so they applied for transfers to Chicago and when they found out they’d be moving they had just three months to tie the knot.

Zoe had always dreamt about her perfect proposal – she has always wanted it to be a surprise. With the dress bought, the venue booked and the rings ordered, Thomas did have his work cut out surprising his bride-to-be, but he managed to pull it off.

He texted Zoe all day about getting Domino’s Pizza that night, so when she left work she was geared up for a cosy night in with a pizza. Thomas was waiting at home all dressed up with a rose, and whisked her away for fancy cocktails and a French meal. Zoe was grinning her head off, expecting a proposal any moment. However, when it didn’t happen, she rationed that it was a ruse to throw her off the scent.

What she didn’t expect was to return to the house filled with rose petals and candles, and their first dance song playing in the background. Thomas got down on one knee and proposed with an antique style art deco ring. This took place two weeks before their wedding day!

Thomas & Zoe's Wedding on 19 Sep 2015

Photography by:  Sandra Reddin Photography

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Photography by:  Sandra Reddin Photography

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