Vikki & Ben's Real Wedding

Vikki & Ben's Real Wedding - Ben and Vikki’s Funfair Wedding

Ben and Vikki’s Funfair Wedding

The couple had talked about marriage for some time, and Vikki had dropped some not-so-subtle hints about the types of ring she liked and had envisioned the romantic moment in her head once or twice… However Ben wanted to surprise Vikki properly so she was told to ask no questions.

They were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary and Vikki’s birthday when her dreams came true. She had no idea it was going to happen – in the morning he’d given her a pair of boots and a card and didn’t make too much fuss.

They had plans to go for dinner and one of Vikki’s friends asked if she thought it might be the night. “No way!” She answered, “I'm 99% certain he won’t, the 1% is because a girl’s got to hope!” Vikki went for champagne with her friends and Ben came to meet her. One of her friends was pointing at Ben’s trousers so Vikki tried to sneak a look – she assumed he had gained weight and his trousers were too tight. Ben got cross and turned away so she didn’t think any more of it – turns out her friend had spotted the ring box!

They set off and Vikki was struggling to keep up with Ben – he was a man on a mission. They arrived at a gorgeous open space with an art installation – Vikki was trying to figure out where the restaurant was when Ben got down on one knee. He gave her the perfect engagement ring – one he’d travelled miles to source. They then celebrated with dinner at La Chappelle!

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Vikki & Ben's Real Wedding on 12 Sep 2015

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Photography by:  Minna Rossi Photography

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