Vicky & Andy's Real Wedding

Vicky, who is from Greece, and husband Andy met whilst they were both on holiday on the island of Corfu. Vicky was there visiting her grandparents and Andy was holidaying with friends. When they first met, she was 15 and he was 23. It took them three years of overseas phone calls before they met up again and got together. They were engaged a year later and immediately began planning a fairytale wedding in Greece.

Andy & Vicky-Mr and Mrs

After spending a year of flying between England and Greece in order to spend time together, Andy planned to propose to the Greek girl he had been unable to stop thinking of. He wanted to pop the question to Vicky at the airport, but she was held up at work and was unable to meet him. Determined, he then suggested going for a nice meal, but Vicky took him to McDonald’s. Still not deterred, when they were at a bar later, he suggested ‘practising’ a proposal.

Vicky was mortified as asked him not to do that, but was speechless when he pulled out a stunning platinum engagement ring with a princess cut diamond. She promptly burst into tears, and said yes! Traditional Andy had even asked her father’s permission beforehand. Vicky then moved to England with Andy and they spent the next three years planning their wedding.

Andy & Vicky's Wedding on 07 Jul 2012

Photography by: Lagopatis Photography

Andy & Vicky's supplier list

Photography by:  Lagopatis Photography

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