Vanessa & Mark's Real Wedding

Vanessa & Mark's Real Wedding - The Sweet Buffet

The Sweet Buffet

Mark and Vanessa had a sweet buffet full of delicious retro sweets displayed at their wedding, so guests could go up and help themselves throughout the day, including old favourites such as milk bottles, shrimps, Sherbet Fountains and Wham bars.

They also delighted their guests by hiring former Pop Idol finalist Aaron Bayley and his acoustic band to perform. They were so impressed with him that they managed to persuade him to stay on longer than originally planned! The couple didn’t have a disco as it didn’t really work with the set up and style of the venue. Instead, they made iPod playlists and just danced to that once the band left. 

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Vanessa & Mark-The Happy Couple
Vanessa & Mark-The Bride and Bridesmaids
Vanessa & Mark-Bridal Accessories
Vanessa & Mark-Bridal Blooms
Vanessa & Mark-The Castle Venue
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Vanessa & Mark-The Sweet Buffet
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Vanessa & Mark's Real Wedding on 11 May 2013

Mark & Vanessa's supplier list

Photography by:  Sean Cornell Photography
Music and DJs by:  Aaron Bayley Band

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