Twila & Leolin's Real Wedding

Twila & Leolin's Real Wedding - Retro Wedding Stationery

Retro Wedding Stationery

As the vibrant couple has so many friends across the globe, it made sense to send out a ‘Save the Date’ so they could be sure as many of their nearest and dearest could attend. The Save the Date cards featured a type of flow chart detailing Twila and Leolin’s complex love story and how it all came together, resulting in their wedding!

Although Twila thought of making all the wedding stationery by hand, she eventually decided to design it online. Their wedding invites were postcards, and they included business cards which detailed how to find your way home if you were a bit tipsy! This funny idea was thought up by the groom.

The stationery at the wedding followed the theme of the invitations, with lots of 1950s inspired polka dot detailing and red bows. The tables were each named after a type of sea creature the diving enthusiast couple love. 

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Twila & Leolin-The Bride and Groom
Twila & Leolin-Retro Wedding Stationery
Twila & Leolin-Rockabilly Beauty
Twila & Leolin-1950s Style Wedding Dress
Twila & Leolin-The Groom
Twila & Leolin-The Wedding Ceremony
Twila & Leolin-The Rockabilly Touches
Twila & Leolin-Vintage Wedding Cake
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Twila & Leolin's Real Wedding on 11 Oct 2012

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Photography by:  Ki Price Photography

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