Tracey & Anthony's Real Wedding

Tracey and Anthony hit if off after bumping into each other in the pudding aisle in Marks & Spencer. Their church wedding was followed by a reception at L’Horizon Hotel in St Brelades Bay, which included a Downton Abbey photo booth!

Anthony & Tracey-The Happy Couple

Anthony and Tracey first got to know each other years ago when they worked for the same company, but romance didn’t blossom until they bumped into each other whilst browsing the desserts in M&S!

They went for a drink after they’d finished shopping, started laughing together and haven’t stopped.

Anthony proposed on Tracey’s birthday after she’d been unwell for a while. He arranged a pedicure for her then asked her to go for a walk. He’d hidden a picnic and champagne, and got down on one knee. He’d only said the words ‘Will you…’ before Tracey rugby tackled him, shouting ‘YES’!

She got so tipsy on the celebratory champagne she had to go to bed before midday, and could only sip water at dinner as she was too excited to eat!

Anthony & Tracey's Wedding on 24 May 2014

Photography by: Tereza Lee Photography

Anthony & Tracey's supplier list

Photography by:  Tereza Lee Photography

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