Tina & Tom's Real Wedding

Tina & Tom's Real Wedding - We had a Sea of Love

We had a Sea of Love

Tina is half Swedish, and in Sweden it is traditional at a wedding for anyone to stand up and give a speech.  Tina and Tom adopted this tradition and offered the floor to their guests. Tina’s dramatic uncle performed a limerick that he had prepared especially for the occasion before the newlywed couple danced their first dance to ‘We Had a Sea of Love’ by Cat Power. A further 20 guests joined the newlywed couple during the evening part of the wedding reception. 

Just a couple of days after their wedding, the newlywed couple flew off to spend their 9 night honeymoon in Thailand.  They stated at two different 5 star luxurious resorts and spent a couple of nights in the vibrant city of Bangkok before flying home.

Tina and Tom wouldn’t have changed a thing about their wedding but do advise couples to do plenty of research if budget is important.  Tina stated "you’re only a bride once – so make the most of it!"

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Tina & Tom-The Happy Couple
Tina & Tom-Bridal Beauty
Tina & Tom-The Bridal Party
Tina & Tom-Summer Wedding Flowers
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Tina & Tom-We had a Sea of Love
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Tina & Tom's Real Wedding on 07 Jul 2012

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Photography by:  Nicola Thompson Photography

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