Suzanne & Kieran's Real Wedding

Suzanne and Kieran met at a salsa dancing class, and as soon as he saw her he knew he had to ask her for a dance. Kieran finally plucked up the courage, and within a few years they were salsa-ing together as the first dance at their wedding! 

Kieran & Suzanne-Kieran and Suzanne

Suzanne loves to dance, and her mum kept telling her about this salsa dancing class she’d joined, so she decided to go along one week. The same week, Kieran went along to keep one of his friends company, and after spotting Suzanne, he kept coming back!

After a few weeks, Kieran finally asked Suzanne to dance. Shortly after this, she had to drop out of the classes due to college commitments, but after finding each other on Facebook they continued to get to know each other, before going on their first date on Bonfire Night.

Fast-forward three and a half years, and the couple had a house and two cats together. One night they were due to go out for dinner, but Kieran was acting strangely. He dropped down on one knee and presented Suzanne with a stunning diamond solitaire; he had planned on proposing over dinner but was too nervous! Suzanne happily accepted Kieran's proposal and they spent the next year planning their winter wedding.

Kieran & Suzanne's Wedding on 26 Jan 2013

Photography by: Stephen Goodall Photography

Wedding venue: Marwell Hotel

Kieran & Suzanne's supplier list

Photography by:  Stephen Goodall Photography

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