Sasha & Oliver's Real Wedding

Sasha & Oliver's Real Wedding - The Happily Ever After

The Happily Ever After

When it comes to what they did after the wedding, Sasha and Oliver made a lot of people in the hitched office very jealous. The couple have embarked on a ‘honeymoon year’ of travelling with their adventure starting in Shanghai to start their new jobs. Their plan is to travel from Shanghai to Lombok, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore and a special summer trip to celebrate their anniversary.

As their plans grow, the honeymoon year may even turn into a honeymoon of two years – they have dreams of extending their travels to countries like Australia and New Zealand. They really a couple who love exploring the world.

The honeymoon will end (eventually) with a safari trip which will bring them to the end of one incredible adventure and allow them to start the next.

Looking back on the whole wedding from the engagement to the planning, the actual day itself and the aftermath celebrations; both Sasha and Oliver have vowed that they wouldn’t change a thing. They stuck to their budget but made sure that they didn’t miss out on anything that they wanted.

Their top piece of advice to other couples who are planning their wedding is: “Do not compromise on what you want. This is your big day and you deserve to have everything you want. Money is only money, but memories last forever.”

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Sasha & Oliver-The Happily Ever After
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Sasha & Oliver's Real Wedding on 23 Jul 2016

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