Sarena & Kieron's Real Wedding

Sarena & Kieron's Real Wedding - Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Sarena and Kieron’s wedding cake was an amazing piece of art created by the groom’s aunt, which she offered as a wedding present.  The cake was 3 tiers tall with lovely moulded icing korus (New Zealand symbol for ‘new life’) around the sides, and beautiful iced calla lilies on top of each tier which and sat on a bed of ferns. 

The newlywed couple had a wonderful day through out and danced the night away to Sarena’s collection of iTunes. When all the wedding guests had gone home Sarena and Kieron were escorted up to a small log cabin on a lake with in the grounds of Northbrook Park.  The fridge had been filled with Champagne, smoked salmon, cream cheese and bagles to enjoy as they sat on the deck and talked about their very long, but very memorable wedding day. Much to her surprise Kieron produced yet another sparkly ring for Sarena. It was a platinum eternity ring to signify 10 years of being together and the birth of their first child. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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Sarena & Kieron's Real Wedding on 10 Jul 2010

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Photography by:  Dusan Perkarcik photographer

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