Sarena & Kieron's Real Wedding

Sarena & Kieron's Real Wedding - A Gift for the Groom

A Gift for the Groom

When Sadie was born in 2009 Sarena wanted her thumbprint put on a necklace so that she could wear it around her neck and keep her close at all times.  When ordering the necklace, also suggested that they could create cufflinks for Kieron with both Sarena and Sadie’s thumb prints on that could be given as a gift on the morning of the wedding. Sarena thought this was a lovely idea, seeing as Kieron would then well and truly be ‘under the thumb’!  Sarena placed her order and gave the box of cufflinks to the best man who gave them to Kieron on the morning of the wedding.  He loved them and wore them all day.

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Sarena & Kieron-The Couple
Sarena & Kieron-The Wedding Dress
Sarena & Kieron-The Bride with her Bridesmaids
Sarena & Kieron-The Groom and his Party
Sarena & Kieron-A Gift for the Groom
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Sarena & Kieron's Real Wedding on 10 Jul 2010

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