Sarah & Stuart’s Real Wedding

Sarah and Stuarts wedding was everything they had hoped it would be.  Booking a fabulous wedding venue, buying lots of heart shaped accessories and having 3 wedding cakes was just the half of it.  A chocolate brown and teal colour scheme ran through out their day and the night ended with a bang as they enjoyed a wonderful firework display with their closest friends and family….



After the not too embarrassing, but very lovely wedding speeches and thank you’s had been read Sarah and Stuart danced with the guests to an evening disco.  Sarah’s father had then organised for a wonderful firework display to take place outside which had both of their names lit up in lights at the beginning.


Sarah and Stuart recommend taking a long time to plan a wedding just because it gives you a bit more time to enjoy the final stages and the over all lead up experience.  Their wedding was fun, emotional and a dream come true, with all of the important people in their lives to share and celebrate the day with them.


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Photography by: RT Weddings